Why tourism is on the rise in North Cyprus

tourism in north cyprus

Why is tourism on the rise in North Cyprus?

According to official statistics, tourism in North Cyprus has increased significantly in the past months, with increased numbers arriving from numerous destinations, including Europe (up by 25% in France and Germany), North America (up by 10% and 20% in Canada and the United States), Scandinavia (up by 50% in Finland), and even China (up by 18%).

The reasons for this are obvious. North Cyprus has distinctive characteristics and a diverse tourism experience that caters to all sorts of visitors. With the spectacular beach and mountain scenery, miles and miles of unspoiled beaches and countryside in the Karpaz, Kayalar, and Lefke areas available for relaxation, and now with state-of-the-art health clubs and even brand new hospitals offering health tourism, it is second to none as a rejuvenating getaway. In the capital Nicosia and the tourist hub Kyrenia, accommodation options range from small agro-tourism farmhouses and B  and Bs to 5 star hotels and casinos. Over the last few years, brand new recreational facilities such as the Korineum Golf Club and the Karpaz Gate Marina have sprung up. Crime is virtually non-existent in North Cyprus, which has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Because of the favorable exchange rates, lodging, recreational activities, and dining out are all quite affordable.

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The recent growth in the tourism sector demonstrates that more people are finding North Cyprus, which has long been dubbed as the Mediterranean’s “best-kept secret” by locals. However, in the past, North Cyprus was far less crowded than other similar tourist locations, thanks to a fortunate turn of events that has kept North Cyprus free of the overdevelopment that has spoiled other Mediterranean shores. Given the tremendous variety of natural and cultural attractions that this country has to offer, one would ask why so many tourists prefer the more popular Spanish coasts or Greek islands over North Cyprus’ highlands and untamed beauty. Going “off the beaten path” to locate hidden gems rather than following the crowds is frequently a real delight. Walking, bird watching, orchid tours, and a variety of other wildlife pursuits may all be found in the North Cyprus market through specialized tours and travel companies.

The Karpaz, North West, and Eastern coasts of North Cyprus are known for their vast expanses of unspoiled sandy beaches. The beauty of these beaches resides in the high quality of the water and sand, as well as the level of safety that visitors experience when swimming, diving, or participating in water sports. North Cyprus received a record amount of Blue Flags in 2013. The Karpas Golden Beach, one of Europe’s most beautiful, is one of the most famous. Night-time hatching trips are available on several beaches that have been designated as turtle hatching zones.

North Cyprus is often a place where newcomers come to better their health or for health tourism at one of the best new hospitals, so don’t be concerned about your trip from the healthcare point of view. Despite the fact that North Cyprus is still nominally outside of the European Union’s formal healthcare system, good medical care is accessible privately at exceptionally inexpensive costs. If you are visiting, keep in mind that it becomes quite hot in the summer, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius in July and August. So, if you plan on visiting North Cyprus around this time, make sure to drink plenty of bottled water (tap water is generally not drinkable in North Cyprus).

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The cuisine is delicious and healthy, and you can eat a variety of dishes at any restaurant or café that follows European food preparation standards. If you fall ill while on vacation, be assured that most common prescription medications are available over the counter and that all pharmacies and doctors understand English.

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