Why North Cyprus property?

north cyprus

Why North Cyprus property?

North Cyprus provides a pleasant, exceptional, joyful, mystic, spiritual, and tranquil holiday environment for you at any time of year. Cyprus, the Mediterranean’s third largest island, has always been coveted for strategic, political, commercial, and religious reasons, and its allure has never faded. North Cyprus is a surprising synthesis of eastern and western cultures in many ways; and with its rich multicultural heritage, ancient monuments and sites dating back over 11 thousand years of civilization and history can be found in every part of the island, making the country exceptionally beautiful.

north cyprus

Tourism is one of North Cyprus’s fastest-growing industries, and the development of this industry is a top priority for all authorities. North Cyprus, in response to the rising number of tourists, offers a diverse selection of accommodations, ranging from five-star luxury hotels to holiday villages. North Cyprus offers a wide range of special tourism activities and services, including bird watching, golfing, turtle watching, diving, historical site visits, nature visits, eco/agro-tourism, walks to endemics, and traditional village fests, in addition to swimming in crystal clear water and soaking up the sun 300 days a year.

The nightlife in North Cyprus is highly vivid. In Kyrenia, there are numerous entertainment options. You can go to any of these sites located in the region and have a fun time in a safe environment.

What kind of property would you like to own in North Cyprus?

Do you want to buy a home in North Cyprus? Noyanlar Construction can provide you with a personal and professional service in the North Cyprus real estate market. From east to west, Noyanlar Group has been a leader in the property market and specializes in properties sales throughout the island. Noyanlar Construction has a wide range of options including apartments, villas, houses, and plots of land for sale. You can check out the range of projects and property options by clicking here.

North Cyprus properties provide the best value for money in the Mediterranean region. For the past four years, residential property has grown at a rate of over 20% per year on average, and this trend is projected to continue, which is great news for current and potential investors. In comparison to many other countries, purchasing property in North Cyprus is a relatively simple process. In comparison to its European and Mediterranean neighbors, North Cyprus properties are 30 percent to 40 percent less expensive than Portugal, 40 percent to 50 percent less expensive than Spain, and 60 percent to 70 percent less expensive than Italy and France.

People come from all over the world to enjoy the island’s sunny weather, great quality of life, low crime rate, friendly locals, inexpensive cost of living, and large tax benefits. Choosing a property that meets your needs and fulfills your expectations is a critical undertaking, since this location may become your favorite home. If you intend to settle in North Cyprus, you should think about your lifestyle preferences. There are numerous options available, including apartments, penthouses, villas, and bungalows. You would be delighted that the options provided by Noyanlar Construction would aid you in selecting your dream property and guiding you through the entire purchasing process so that you may feel at ease in North Cyprus.

If you have decided to purchase a property in North Cyprus, kindly read our previous blog post to know more about “How long the property buying process takes in North Cyprus“. However, we have provided some information below to help you with the process.

1 – Selecting a property: There is a lot to learn now that you are close to making the decision to visit North Cyprus and look at properties for sale.

2 – Establish a budget: It is critical to plan a budget that is reasonable. This allows you to concentrate on locating a home in which you will feel completely at ease. You can make solutions that match your financial demands appropriately by establishing how much money you can afford as payment.

3 – Establish a timeline: You must assess whether the building timeline for your property is appropriate for you. The advantages of project-stage properties include affordable prices and long-term payment options. Furthermore, the project phase ensures that your property runs smoothly. Flooring, countertops, and cabinetry, for example, are frequently available in a variety of materials and colors.

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The buying process

If you buy a home from Noyanlar Construction, there are Sales Representatives who are will walk you through the entire process. If you are visiting from another country, Noyanlar will host you for three days and provide the greatest service in North Cyprus.

During the purchasing process, the price is discussed. The purchasing conditions, on the other hand, are established. Payment plans differ depending on the type of property acquired. While the price of a completed home nearing completion is higher, the price of a property under construction is decreased by 20%.

During the purchasing process, you must provide your lawyer with complete facts about the property you want to buy. The lawyer will be responsible for completing a number of procedures on your behalf. When necessary, the lawyer is responsible for paying for your property with your permission, obtaining the appropriate permission to buy property, applying to government agencies, acting on your behalf under a power of attorney, and signing all official paperwork.

You can register your name as the legal owner of the property in North Cyprus after obtaining authorization from the relevant authorities or the North Cyprus government. After it is granted, the lawyer notifies the buyer and fills out the relevant deed registration documents for property appraisal. After that, you can start paying your taxes. Taxes are computed based on the location of the land office. The following are the charges:

  • Deed Registration Transfer Fee, 6 percent (or percent 3 ones in a life exception per person)
  • After signing the contract, a 5% VAT and a 0.5 stamp charge must be paid on the contract value.

Payments for property infrastructure differ from project to project.

North Cyprus is steadily becoming one of the most popular real estate investment destinations. Residents of countries whose national currencies have weakened in recent years will find North Cyprus particularly appealing. As a result of the currency crisis, there appears to be an urgent need to save the remaining capital in order to protect assets from future threats.

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