Why North Cyprus is a must-visit destination

north cyprus

Reasons why North Cyprus is a must-visit destination in spring

North Cyprus has a lengthy and fascinating history. Across the cities of Kyrenia, Famagusta, İskele, Nicosia, and the Karpaz Peninsula, there are numerous historical and intriguing places to explore, and guided tours are offered for a more educational visit. North Cyprus lies in the northeastern part of the island of Cyprus. Although the history and relations with the Republic of Cyprus are problematic, visitors to the northern side of the island are currently quite welcome. Visitors to Northern Cyprus will find a magnificent coastline with sandy beaches, a stunning mountain region, historical cities, scenic mountain villages, and ancient ruins.

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island located approximately 50 miles south of Turkey. Northern Cyprus is situated on the island’s northern and eastern sides. The area, which is one of the least polluted in the Mediterranean, is rich in biodiversity and serves as a stopover point for almost 300 birds traveling between Eastern Europe and Africa. Come on through, birdwatchers.

north cyprus

Northern Cyprus consistently ranks at the top of rankings of the greatest European winter sun locations. The Mediterranean climate of Northern Cyprus offers moderate winters and sunny, dry summers along the coast. The climate is cooler in the more hilly areas. The sea temperature remains warm in October, averaging 24 degrees Celsius. This means you can visit the island outside of peak season to take advantage of more golden possibilities to participate in watersports or test out your new swimsuit.

While many people come to North Cyprus in the spring to enjoy the beaches, you will have just as much fun in the summer, for the following reasons…

The weather in North Cyprus is great…

North Cyprus enjoys year-round sunshine, making even a winter visit enjoyable. If you are thinking of visiting this year, you could find that spring is perfect, even better than summer. The sun is particularly hot during the summer months and can be rather harsh. It is ideal for sunbathing, but if you want to get out and about and see everything this interesting island has to offer, it can get a little too hot. You will still have wonderful bright days in the spring, but the weather will be better for hiking, cycling, and other more energetic activities.

North Cyprus has wonderful weather for the majority of the year. The island is ideal for a summer or winter sun trip, with over 300 days of sunshine on average each year with temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

There is a lot of natural beauty…

Cyprus is breathtakingly lovely all year, but possibly none more so than in the spring. Take a drive through the Kyrenia mountains, exploring the winding roads and discovering some of the most awe-inspiring panoramic views, stopping to gaze over the island and over the sea for the most beautiful views.

Uncover the past…

Cyprus has a long and intriguing past, much of which is preserved in fascinating historical and archaeological sites that you can visit. It is fascinating to discover more about the island and its history, and there are plenty of fascinating ancient ruins and educational museums to keep the whole family entertained.

Discover charming traditional villages…

When you visit Cyprus’ old towns, you nearly feel like you have gone back in time. Every hamlet is different, but they are all attractive in their own way, so make a point of visiting many when next you visit Cyprus. There are usually some surprises to be found. Perhaps you will come across a lovely church, observe residents doing crafts, or have a delectable Cyprus cuisine you have never tried before.

Discover the genuine Mediterranean treasures of North Cyprus. Because of its unique geographic location, Cyprus’ rich and colorful past has been energetic and exciting. It is a place rich in myths and legends, and it is certainly a country to inspire the mind and spirit.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind culinary experience…

Foodies will adore a trip to Cyprus because the traditional cuisine is fantastic. Cyprus has had various influences as a result of its rich history and unusual geographical location, which is reflected in its cuisine. If you have traveled around Mediterranean countries previously, you will recognize certain foods, but you will also discover new flavors and unusual twists on dishes you have never tried before. Spices are used to create exceptional depth of flavor, with a distinct Middle Eastern influence.

Why wait until the summer?

Are you prepared for a vacation? Summer is still a long way off, so why not start planning your trip to this gorgeous paradise island now? Visit in the spring and you will enjoy beautiful weather without the crowds that you will find during the peak tourist season. Check out the beautiful villas at Noyanlar Holiday Rentals to find the ideal base for your next Cyprus vacation. You will be spoiled for choice with high-quality accommodations, private pools, and breathtaking views in prime locations.

north cyprus

Although North Cyprus is best known for its beaches, it also has a lot to offer those interested in ancient history and archaeology. Around the island, there are several major archaeological sites. Salamis ancient city is one of the most amazing locations in North Cyprus, around 10 kilometers north of the lovely walled medieval town of Famagusta and 6 kilometers north of modern Famagusta. Salamis was an ancient Greek city-state founded by Teucer, son of Salamis island’s monarch Telamon.

North Cyprus has a distinct atmosphere and other fascinating features that the average tourist is looking for. Northern Cyprus has fewer large firms and commercial chains than the southern part of Cyprus because it is not a member of the European Union.

In the absence of more developed companies, you will discover exquisite beaches to swim, old archaeological sites to visit, and expansive coastal views free of the high-rise apartments and mega-resorts that most warm-weather beach locations are known for. If you are looking for a more peaceful holiday option, Northern Cyprus might be the place for you.

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