Which type of North Cyprus villas is the best?

which type of north cyprus villas is the best?

Which type of North Cyprus villas is the best?

Villas in North Cyprus come in a wide range of types, exterior styles, and designs. If you are looking for a villa rather than an apartment, you have probably already decided on the size, features, and facilities you want – as well as the amount you want to spend.

In many ways, the villa’s style is just as significant as the price, location, and size, if not more ımportant. Your preferred interior and exterior villa-style reflects how you want to live, as well as your décor, surroundings, and personality. If someone buys a North Cyprus villa in a style with which they really do not feel in harmony with, it can have a significant impact on how they feel about their house. Some people, for example, love older homes with plenty of marble and exposed stonework. They would feel out of place in a residence with a lot of glass and white surfaces. Others yearn for a lot of sleek aluminum railings and can’t bear the thought of feeling outdated. Everyone is unique, which is part of what makes buying North Cyprus villas to their new owners so much fun.

which type of north cyprus villas is the best

Many people dream of owning a Mediterranean-style villa in North Cyprus. Perhaps you instinctively equate a whitewashed Mediterranean island villa with looking out to sea from your villa veranda with a drink in hand when you close your eyes and imagine yourself staring out to sea from your villa veranda with a drink in hand. Although many villas of all designs are painted white, the typical Mediterranean style home would have a white facade, wooden pergolas, and possibly some bougainvillea or other traditional Mediterranean flowers near the front door, as well as a simple style. Mediterranean-style villas in North Cyprus might be single-story bungalows or two-story villas. Many villas in North Cyprus are modeled after the traditional Mediterranean villa style, which has had a significant influence on North Cyprus architecture in general. Of course, this type of North Cyprus home can be decorated in a modern or traditional interior design style. The cost of a property like this starts at roughly £130,000, including the private pool.

Many people want a traditional North Cyprus villa, whether it is an original ancient home or a modern villa built in the traditional style. Traditional style properties have features such as a traditional open fireplace and outside BBQ in Cypriot style, exposed stones, window shutters, marble flooring, and perhaps some beams or alcoves, which attract potential villa owners. Some beautiful villas are being constructed utilizing traditional materials and styles. If you buy this sort of house, you can add traditional Turkish Cypriot crafts such as the lovely basketry, Cypriot lacework, Turkish Kilims, and other interior design items that mirror traditional Turkish Cypriot culture to further improve the appearance and feel of your new North Cyprus property. The comfort of a dry, warm, insulated, sound modern home with the appearance and feel of an older property can be found in newer villas constructed in an older design.

In fact, there is a shortage of North Cyprus bungalows, which are in high demand among would-be North Cyprus retirees who want to avoid stairs. Bungalows can be built in a variety of styles, including Mediterranean, Traditional, and Ultra-modern. The flat roof of a bungalow can be a charming feature, allowing for a ladder to a flat roof terrace for the still sprightly.

Such a roof viewing deck in North Cyprus can often give stunning Mediterranean and mountain views. Pergolas on the roof of some North Cyprus bungalows offer a mini roof garden and relaxation area. Bungalows are typically low-maintenance, with just one level of cleaning, and are, of course, suitable for those with mobility concerns. If you can’t locate your dream North Cyprus bungalow, keep in mind that many North Cyprus villas have one or more bedrooms downstairs anyway, so a two-story building with a smaller upstairs level for less regular use or visitors can be a good option. Bungalows in North Cyprus are often less expensive than two-story villas, although they can still have large plots and many have private pools or space for one.

A townhouse villa in North Cyprus does not have to be in a town. This term refers to a linked villa, which is a standalone residence connected to other residences. These are known as ‘terraced’ houses in the United Kingdom. Terraced or townhouse villa designs are less frequent in North Cyprus, but they can help purchasers discover a far lower cost answer to their villa demands by providing a good 1,2 or 3 bedroom home for a much lesser investment. Of course, the reason for this is simple: the developer’s land and building expenses are lower, but the end product can be extremely pleasant. Because North Cyprus townhouses are tall and narrow on 2-3 stories, they frequently have a wonderful roof terrace to compensate for the lack of privacy in the yard. With superior sea views from higher heights, this can be a big plus, as well as provide spectacular Besparmak mountain views. Townhouses in North Cyprus are also easier to ‘lock up and leave’ than traditional villas, and while they may have a plunge pool, they seldom have a private pool. They will normally be on complexes with shared facilities, so they are midway between an apartment and a villa in that regard.

If you prefer the ultra-modern villa design, North Cyprus has enough to offer. Turkish Cypriots have embraced the high-end modern style and feel, which can now be found in many of the new villas and most of the newer Kyrenia apartment buildings. Although there are ready-to-move-in Ultra-Modern villas in North Cyprus, you may find that in order to acquire your first choice of design, you will need to purchase an under construction or even off-plan villa in this type of development. In fact, if design is ‘your thing,’ you will have the opportunity to consult with villa designers and customize the inside of your home. Large glass sliding doors to the patio or pool, clean lines and surfaces inside, aluminum railings or even a metal internal staircase, and high-quality modern kitchens and door fittings are common features of these types of North Cyprus villas. There is a good chance you will have an intercom as well. You can enjoy the good life in a North Cyprus Ultra-Modern villa exactly as you would in any other modern Mediterranean destination.

If you want a truly unique, architect-designed luxury North Cyprus villa, expect to pay at least £300,000 and more. Between £650,000 and over 2 million, some of the most wonderfully distinctive in terms of size, private location, and style are available. Villas in this price category are typically built in distinctive locations, such as on a private bay, next to a beautiful beach, or on a hillside where privacy and location are paramount. There are ready villas in this price range, but keep in mind that if you want something brand new, it is rare that a developer will put this much money into a ready home that future buyers will want to personalize. As a result, many of the greatest high-end houses are off-plan or under development. Some luxury property buyers in North Cyprus start by buying land and making sure they have the perfect location before seeking the ideal architect or designer to build their dream home.

Finally, you will need a skilled builder to complete the project. A land and design package may be offered by some developers. Villas of this standard will offer the most advanced ‘smart home’ technology available in North Cyprus, including computer-controlled heating, lighting, audio systems, and the use of environmentally friendly materials. If you want to build a Luxury North Cyprus villa of this kind of standard, please contact one of the many construction companies for advice and to help you discover the appropriate site or plot as well as the best architect, designer, and construction team to build your dream home in North Cyprus.

Throughout North Cyprus, traditional Turkish or Turkish Cypriot villa architecture has tended to have a pitched or apex roof, typically but not always with red tiles, and can use color in the house – though it is often white painted. In many ways, calling it “Turkish style” is a cop-out to come up with a category that encompasses “everything else” – but that is exactly what it is. Although some people consider these villa designs to be a little ‘out of date,’ they can also provide charm and a very well-built North Cyprus property at a very affordable price.

which type of north cyprus villas is the best

Some Turkish-style North Cyprus villas are quite magnificent, with wrought-iron balconies (rather than the more modern aluminum design) and two stories. Although there are a few with a fourth bedroom, 90 percent of these North Cyprus villas are built with three bedrooms – it is rather difficult to find a two-bedroom house in North Cyprus. Garages are uncommon in North Cyprus, but they can be expanded on, and full central heating is also uncommon, with air conditioning units often providing both heating and cooling. Open fireplaces are common in Turkish-style North Cyprus villas, although not always. Although not all more conventional Cypriot village residences have swimming pools, the plots are typically large enough to accommodate one if necessary. The average plot size is 500m2 (an ‘evlek’) or half a donum, while one donum is seldom discovered. Of course, residents of North Cyprus villas are not all foreign property buyers – and if you live in a hamlet with this type of villa, you may have Turkish Cypriot neighbors or discover that the previous owner was a Cypriot!

Because this is a little older kind of North Cyprus villa, many of those for sale will be ‘resale’ villas that have had previous owners, however many North Cyprus property developers (especially Turkish Cypriot-owned enterprises) are currently developing new properties in this design. The quality and cost of this type of property can vary greatly, ranging from £80,000 to £180,000 depending on the quality, facilities, and location.

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