Where is the most suitable location to live in North Cyprus?

where is the most suitable location to live in north cyprus?

Where is the most suitable location to live in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus offers you almost everything you need, from magnificent mountain peaks to lovely beaches. North Cyprus is the ideal place for a second home, retirement or holiday home, permanent residence, or property investment, whether you seek absolute tranquility or vibrant nightlife, recreational delights or cultural treasures, ancient history or cutting-edge technology. However, buying a house outside of your home country is a major choice that you will want to make carefully, both financially and emotionally. So, there are numerous locations to choose from on the diverse and unique island of North Cyprus.

where is the most suitable location to live in north cyprus?


Famagusta is a port city in the east of the island with a population of more than 40,920 people (2011). After the capital Nicosia, Famagusta is Northern Cyprus’ second largest city. The city was founded approximately 274 BC, but its popularity grew following the earthquake in Salamis; people began to flock to Famagusta, and the population began to increase. The city prospered, especially under the control of the Lusignans, and by the 13th century, it had established itself as a commercial center. During Ottoman rule, however, the city’s strength was eroded as Latin and Greek merchants were barred from the city. Greek Cypriots settled at Vorosha, which is today recognized as a ghost town. The city was transformed by the Turks, which is why the city has a mix of architectural styles. The walled city is a major tourist site, and it features several rare government-protected structures. Annual festivals, such as the International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival, are frequently held there. The city is now growing in the tourist, education, and construction industries. In North Cyprus, the port has regained its prominence, and it currently serves as the principal port for transport and business. The city’s gorgeous beaches, history, luxurious hotels, vibrant nightlife, and universities make it a popular tourist destination.

where is the most suitable location to live in north cyprus?


İskele is the administrative capital of the Karpaz peninsula, with a population of 23,098 people (2011). It is a popular tourist destination with stunning untouched vegetation, golden sand beaches, five-star hotels, water sports, historical sites, and a national park. İskele is an excellent location for complete relaxation. The region is well known for the International Folk Dance Festival, which takes place every year. It brings together dance ensembles from all around the world to share their unique cultures and customs. Another well-known celebration honoring grape gardens and highlighting grape products is the Grape Festival (Mehmetcik).

Long Beach İskele is without a doubt one of North Cyprus’ most popular beaches. With white sand, sun loungers, and beach bars, it spans for kilometers down the shore. There is also a palm-lined promenade and children’s play places.

where is the most suitable location to live in north cyprus?


Kyrenia is the most popular holiday destination in North Cyprus, and hence the epicenter of tourism. Despite this, a large number of foreigners, primarily British, Germans, Scandinavians, and Russians, have chosen this town as their permanent residence. Kyrenia has a well-developed infrastructure, including an easily accessible public and private transit system, as well as a number of car rental companies, a well-maintained road system, and a large number of hospitals, universities, schools, and nursery schools.

Kyrenia has a population of 20,851 people, which is rather modest. For decades, holidaymakers have chosen Kyrenia as their vacation destination, beginning with local rich families who traveled from Nicosia to the shore of Kyrenia. The first hotel in this area was established in the year. It was given the name “Akteon” in early 1906. Since then, the town has reinforced its position, and there are currently over 90 hotels in the area. It’s no surprise that Kyrenia is so popular, given its ideal location between the sea and the mountains, lovely vegetation, milder climate, and, of course, warm, clear water.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Kyrenia is Kyrenia Castle, which is located in Kyrenia Harbour and was built to safeguard the city from invaders. The Romans erected the fortress in the first century A.D., and Venetians subsequently renovated it in the 15th century. The castle has been well-maintained and is available to the public. History and the present are inextricably linked in North Cyprus, and they coexist. With its wonderful promenade to the lighthouse on one side and original taverns and restaurants by the sea on the other, Kyrenia Harbour is the most picturesque harbour. The ambiance is enthralling.

Many of the most unique gifts you can imagine can be found in Kyrenia’s old town, many of which are handcrafted by locals from local products such as olive oil soaps, olive and jasmine creams, lamps made from pumpkins or Alagadi beach branches, various kitchen utensils made of olive wood, wooden chests, traditional leather shoes, paintings by local artists, and more. Kyrenia is a beautiful city, mainly due to its location on the shore, where you can see and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea from every point in the city.

There are several beaches worth visiting, including Escape Beach Club, Alagadi Beach, Camelot Beach, and Denizkizi Beach; most hotels, even the tiniest boutique hotels, offer private beaches to ensure your comfort while on vacation in North Cyprus. Aside from everything mentioned above, Kyrenia boasts a vibrant nightlife with a variety of restaurants, pubs, clubs, and casinos that will make your stay unforgettable. Perhaps you would want to try something new, so why not go to Meyhane? It is a cross between a restaurant and a tavern, with traditional Turkish-Cypriot music and, on occasion, a group of musicians performing live music around the tables. The server will offer you Raki, a popular drink when you place your order; try it. Then plates of Meyzes will begin to arrive in greater numbers. When platters of old appetizers, hot appetizers, and main dishes keep arriving at your table, it is a fascinating experience.

where is the most suitable location to live in north cyprus?


Nicosia is Europe’s last divided capital. The city serves as the administrative center of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, housing all of the country’s major government institutions. It is the most densely inhabited city in North Cyprus, with a population of 61,378 people in 2011. Nicosia is notable for its historically significant walled city, which is preserved by the Turkish Cypriot Department of Antiquities. Museums and historical sites may be found inside their walls. If you want to learn more about modern Nicosia, go to the Dereboyu district, which is the commercial hub of the city. There are also many cafés, restaurants, stores, malls, cinemas, coffee shops, and galleries on Dereboyu street.

Furthermore, the Turkish Cypriot State Theater and the Nicosia Municipal Theater have their headquarters in Nicosia. The Turkish Municipality of Nicosia has even developed its own orchestra. Nicosia is a sporting city that hosts a marathon every year for 4km, 8km, and 12km distances that take place across the city. Basketball competitions, tennis tournaments, and the Nicosia Youth & Sports Festivals, which feature 22 different sports, are also held yearly.

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Güzelyurt / Morphou

Spartans discovered the town of Guzelyurt (Morphou). It is now a town in North Cyprus with a population of over 18,946 (2011), but it was dominated by Greek Cypriots prior to the 1974 conflict. Because of the district’s lush soils, the majority of citrus, apple, and vegetable crops are cultivated there. In June, the town organizes the Orange Festival, which features music, traditional attire, folk dances, shows, and food vendors. It’s usually a colorful occasion. Guzelyurt also boasts a theatre and a yearly theatrical festival.

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Lefke is a town in North Cyprus that was founded in the 14th century BC and is located in the west of the island. The town has a population of around 3009 people (2011). Lefke is well-known for its citrus grove, which is the only spot on the island where Yafa oranges are grown. The town’s copper mines are also well-known.

There are several myths about the town’s discovery. According to one version, the city was founded in the third century by Lefkos, the son of Egypt’s monarch Ptolemy. Another myth claims that the town was named after a sick girl who came to the town hoping to be healed.

Ataturk Park, located in the heart of the town, is frequently used as a location for yearly festivals and performances. Venetian, Ottoman, and even British architecture can be found in the town: Ottoman palaces, Acendu tap, Coronation Monument, and Aqueducts.

Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Orta Mosque, and Asagi Mosque are the three mosques in Lefke. The Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque was originally the Byzantine Church of Saint George, which was constructed in the 7th century, but it was converted into a mosque after Arab raids. When the Ottomans conquered Cyprus, the mosque was in a terrible state, thus it was rebuilt as the Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque.

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