What you shouldn’t miss about North Cyprus

north cyprus

North Cyprus – the tourists’ island with a truly unique experience

North Cyprus has a certain allure that cannot be forgotten once experienced. Many visitors fall in love with the island’s distinctive atmosphere and come year after year to explore more about the island’s rich and diversified history, landscape, culture, relaxed pace of life, and simply beautiful island environment and people. North Cyprus is one of the few tourist destinations that offer a truly unique experience.

Many visitors choose to establish a home in this charmıng former British Colony, where residential property is incredibly affordable, English is widely spoken, and over 10,000 British people live comfortably alongside a multi-cultural populace in a largely crime-free zone. Expat people and their families are flocking from all over Europe and the Middle East to take advantage of new state-of-the-art medical care, international universities, new schools (teaching in English), and sophisticated recreational facilities.

north cyprus

North Cyprus has lots to offer individuals of all ages, whether they are visitors or residents. North Cyprus has always emanated a lazy charm that pulls visitors to its shores without even trying. It is regarded as the pristine pearl of the Mediterranean. With miles of golden sands on beaches, the generosity of Turkish Cypriots, and an abundance of fresh foods, the island is a heaven for those seeking a peaceful, yet improved, quality of life. The island has a classic Mediterranean climate, with long, hot summers and short, cold winters, with over 300 days of sunshine per year. The sea temperature rarely falls below 16°C and reaches 28–30°C in the summer.

All banking needs are met, with some banks having their own London branches and others having agreements with major UK banks. A deposit account can be easily opened in Sterling or any other major currency, such as the US Dollar or Euros, according to the banks’ terms and restrictions, and cash can be withdrawn in any currency, including the Turkish Lira.

The government actively encourages foreign investment, which has resulted in several incentives to assist foreign nationals. Exemptions from import tariffs, income tax, and corporation tax can be obtained for up to ten years in rare situations. The government highly encourages tourism in all forms, and in many situations, incentives have been made available to help in set up costs.

The ownership of the islands has been passed down over the centuries, with the Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, and Roman Empires all having an impact on the island’s general cultural position. Despite the lack of religious distinction, 98 percent of the population is Muslim.

Why North Cyprus?

1. A life that is safe, peaceful, and secure

According to a study conducted by the world’s largest demographic and research firm, Cyprus is the safest country among countries with populations of less than 5 million people. Cyprus is the safest country in the world, ranking fifth among all countries.

north cyprus

2. Weather and climate

North Cyprus has been regarded as one of the best and least polluted countries in the world as a result of research undertaken by grading agencies of climate and meteorological conditions. Benefiting from the Mediterranean environment, where the winter months are short and moderate, it is possible to enjoy the warmth of the sun even in the heart of the winter season. Cyprus’s maritime and beach areas are said to have the best water quality coasts of any European Union country.

3. You will forget traffic jams

North Cyprus has very little traffic due to the island’s limited population. Even if a traffic jam is caused by roadworks or other factors, time lost due to traffic is exceptionally modest when compared to big areas around the world.

Transportation: Flights connect the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), but passenger ferries sail between Mersin and Famagusta.

Language: The Turkish Cypriot dialect is gradually giving way to the Turkish dialect of the Motherland, Turkey, in North Cyprus. With over 10,000 ex-pats living in Northern Cyprus, English is extensively spoken in most tourist locations. Due to Russian holidaymakers and homeowners, Russian is also spoken in several establishments.
Turkish Cypriots are mostly Sunni Muslims who speak Turkish and write using the Latin alphabet. Turkish Cypriots are frequently considered as some of the world’s most secular Muslims (see the Religion section for more information).

Since the partition of Cyprus in 1974, there has been an upsurge in cultural interchange between the Turkish Cypriot population and Turkey. Cyprus has been ruled by several civilizations throughout history due to its geopolitical and geostrategic importance. As a result, the island’s history and archaeology are just waiting to be found.

4. Don’t miss the chance to own a home on the island

For the price of an apartment, you can own a villa!

north cyprus

Property prices in various countries near Cyprus are extremely high when compared to all of the neighboring nations. In “Turkey,” and much more so in North Cyprus, you can build your dream home. People are discovering the beauty and low cost of life in North Cyprus, and demand is increasing at an incredible rate. Property values are steadily increasing. But it is not too late; there are still some excellent investment properties available at low costs.

Don’t miss out!

5. Have some fun!

The nightlife in North Cyprus is vibrant. There are bars and casinos that are popular with tourists, and some hotels even have their own casinos. Alcohol is a third cheaper in North Cyprus than in Turkey, which makes it even more appealing to some and is one of the reasons the entertainment business in Cyprus is thriving. There are boat tours, Roman ruins to see, medieval castles, animal sanctuaries, and, above all, arguably the nicest beaches and sea in the world where you can simply relax among the various options available.

north cyprus

6. Natural Texture

Cyprus, known as the “Island of Paradise,” is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. Mountains, forests, open terrain, and beaches are all waiting to be explored. This island comes alive in the spring, with blossoming flowers along the roadsides and in the streets. Many wonderful trekking places extend into the mountains on the island. On foot, explore the island’s natural beauties, including its beautiful landscape and vegetation. There are 5 to 20 km of routes for hikers and cyclists. Joining sightseeing groups, which know the best paths and sites to visit, is also an option. There are 30 distinct orchids and 1600 different species of plants in North Cyprus.


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