What makes holidays in North Cyprus amazing?

North Cyprus may be a small country, but it has more holiday value per square inch than any other Mediterranean holiday destination. Its rocky mountains, beautiful beaches, historic ruins, and unspoiled landscape are the main features that make North Cyprus vacations a popular and amazing choice for holidaymakers. Most holidaymakers just want to spend their vacations in the sun, and North Cyprus basks nearly 300 days of uninterrupted Mediterranean sunlight. When you combine this with its friendly locals, breathtaking landscape, delicious cuisine, and affordable costs, it is easy to understand why a North Cyprus vacation is so remarkable.

You feel like you are on vacation in North Cyprus the moment you walk off your North Cyprus airplane. The air is warm and dry, scented with Mediterranean fragrances, but the country seems astonishingly familiar. Traffic in North Cyprus is on the left, and all road signs are the typical international ones you are familiar with. After picking up your North Cyprus car rental and speaking with the car rental employees (who, like most North Cypriots, will speak excellent English), you can depart from Ercan international airport and explore the wonders of North Cyprus.

Soon, you will be enjoying the low of traffic on modern highways as you travel to your North Cyprus vacation rental, traveling through unspoiled countryside. On the island of North Cyprus, nothing is very far away, so you could be sitting back with a glass of wine, admiring the view from your North Cyprus hotel or villa balcony within an hour of collecting your luggage. Remember that you can book flights to Larnaca, then rent a car from the airport and drive to North Cyprus with ease.

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North Cyprus vacations: Where history and modernity mix

When you arrange a journey to North Cyprus, you will be visiting a place where history is literally under your feet while yet having every modern amenity at your fingertips. New holiday hotels are designed in North Cyprus to offer comfort and relaxation with facilities from cool, welcoming swimming pools to cozy bars, intriguing restaurants, and relaxing balconies in mind. Modern North Cyprus villas for rent are generally designed to take advantage of the stunning vistas, with spacious rooms that make you want to sit back and relax. However, when you walk into the towns you will discover businesses tucked away in historic buildings or even a vibrant pub is hidden beneath the streets.

Turkish Cypriots are proud of their island home, and they are eager to show you around on your North Cyprus vacation. Simply inquire about their history or the finest location to dine; most Turkish Cypriots are fluent in English and eager to practice.

Choose from a variety of beach holidays in North Cyprus

Do you love long stretches of unspoiled, sandy beaches? You will be spoiled for choice on your North Cyprus vacation. There are literally dozens of wonderful beaches in North Cyprus where you can sit back and let the sound of the waves calm away your worries. You will probably be sharing miles of golden sands with only a few other people – and the occasional hatching turtle.

North Cyprus vacations offer more than simply sunshine

There is so much to do in North Cyprus that you will want to arrange your trip to make the most of it. You can visit forested mountains, where cool breezes dance amid the remnants of ancient monasteries. In spectacular ruined castles, battled over by Richard the Lionheart and the Venetians, and where eagles fly far beneath you, play Crusader on your North Cyprus vacation. Alternatively, during your vacation in North Cyprus, visit historic temples where Romans and Greeks offered sacrifices to the gods.

North Cyprus cuisine exemplifies the country’s amazing blend of Mediterranean and Byzantine influences. The classic Mediterranean flavors are all present, including fish so fresh it is mostly flapping, coupled with vegetables directly from North Cyprus’ farms. Then there is the meze, a delicious North Cyprus festive spread of delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds as much as your eyes. Any North Cyprus vacation will reveal Turkish influences, especially when your favorite restaurant serves delectable delicacies like börek, hot pastry loaded with spinach, cheese, or meat that melt on your lips.

Sit at any café during the day for a black Turkish coffee or a glass of wine, complemented by an indulgently sticky pastry such as baklava, for a true flavor of Turkish food. Remember to bring a box or six of authentic Turkish Delight home with you as a delightful memento of your wonderful North Cyprus vacation.

Take a trip to North Cyprus and experience the sensation of excitement. Ride the waves in exciting water sports, scuba dive under them to see wrecks and walls, or play around at the new Esentepe international golf course. Ride the thermals with the birds and paraglide from mountain to coast, or wow the family with your go-kart track stories of spills and thrills.



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