What is North Cyprus famous for?

north cyprus

What are the famous attractions across North Cyprus?

Cyprus is located between 30.33 and 35.41 degrees latitude and 32.23 and 34.55 degrees longitude. North Cyprus covers 3,355 square kilometers. Turkey is 65 kilometers north, Syria is 112 kilometers, Israel is 267 kilometers, and Lebanon is 162 kilometers east; Southern Cyprus is 418 kilometers south, and Greece is 965 kilometers west of North Cyprus. North Cyprus encompasses approximately half of the island’s coastline. Irrigation is used on 20% of the 45 percent of fertile land that can be grown. In all, 20% of the island is wooded, and an active afforestation initiative is ongoing.

north cyprus


Cyprus, which is at least as old as Anatolia, bears the imprints of countless civilizations and cultures. When people initially arrived on the island of Cyprus is a contentious issue. According to some archaeologists, the first men in Cyprus lived approximately 7000 BC. Experts also believe that the island’s first residents arrived from Anatolia between 4000 and 3500 BC. In addition to these arrivals, Syrian refugees were added around the same time. People in Neolithic Cyprus lived in small settlements along the shore, in agriculturally suitable areas, and on the banks of rivers. These people were engaged in farming, as well as hunting and fishing.

People in North Cyprus place a high value on eating and drinking. Furthermore, the fact that the island is a popular tourist destination has aided the growth of the restaurant industry. Residents and tourists will find eateries on the island that can compete with the world’s most famous restaurants. The food and service in these restaurants are of world-class caliber. Of course, when we consider the spectacular views of the Cyprus mountain and sea, we can confidently assert that our restaurants hold a unique position in the globe.

Northern Cyprus has a diverse range of cuisines. Classic European cuisine, Chinese and Far Eastern cuisine, Sushi, Indian, and, of course, Turkish cuisine’s indispensible Kebab If you want to sample the cuisine of the place you’re visiting, there are lots of options.


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