What currencies are widely accepted in North Cyprus?

what currencies are widely accepted in north cyprus

The Turkish Lira is the currency of North Cyprus. To receive the best exchange rate, it is recommended to avoid buying currency in the UK and instead wait until you get in North Cyprus to exchange your money at one of the Exchange Bureaus. In Kyrenia, Famagusta, and Nicosia, there are several money exchange shops as well as banks. If necessary, you may also exchange money at your accommodation.

When traveling to North Cyprus, it is recommended to bring Pounds Sterling (£) with you and exchange them for Turkish Lira or Euros when you arrive for the best exchange rates.

Major currencies acceptable in North Cyprus

Euros, Pounds Sterling, and US Dollars, as well as the Turkish Lira, are widely accepted in North Cyprus. If you need to change money from GBP to TL, there are several currency exchange outlets that provide better rates than banks and hotels.

currencies in north cyprus
currencies accepted in north cyprus


North Cyprus accepts most major credit and debit cards, except for American Express (Amex), which is not generally accepted. Check with your bank ahead of time to be sure you won’t be charged a fee for using your credit or debit card abroad. Please keep in mind that the exchange rate you receive from your bank will be lower than the local rate.

credit cards usable in north cyprus
credit cards usable in north cyprus

In addition, you can withdraw local currency (Turkish Lira) from your bank account in Pounds Sterling via cash machines in North Cyprus. However, the conversion rate of Sterling to Lira is often much lower than what you would obtain if you exchanged locally at a bank or money exchange shop. Also, check with your bank ahead of time to make sure they don’t charge extra costs for cash withdrawals overseas or acquire a UK debit or credit card that doesn’t charge for withdrawals from international ATMs. If you don’t want to bring your debit or credit card on vacation, you may obtain pre-paid cards that you fill with cash before you go. You can also read to know important facts about North Cyprus!



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