What are the reasons to live in North Cyprus?


The fascinating experience of living in North Cyprus

Many people choose to live in harmony with nature in order to live a natural existence free of the noise and pollution that city life brings. The majority of people purchase a home as an investment. In terms of real estate investment, North Cyprus is a significant country. North Cyprus is a popular place to reside since it offers good financial opportunities as well as clean air and a beautiful view of the sea. There are several reasons why the North Cyprus real estate sector, which is among people’s first choices, is witnessing steady growth over the past few years. One of these reasons is that obtaining a resident permit in North Cyprus is simple.

Furthermore, the Cyprus real estate sector, which generates a high degree of profit and never loses value under any conditions, is increasing in value every day since it never loses value. As a result, investors who wish to supplement their income by investing in real estate regularly monitor the North Cyprus housing options.

More information regarding the benefits of living and investing in North Cyprus can be found here. There are some compelling reasons to call North Cyprus home.

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Cyprus residency permit is simple to obtain…

It is simple to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus. You won’t have any trouble extending your stay for the next year. North Cyprus may be one of the easiest countries to obtain residency in. A tourist visa is issued to all travelers entering North Cyprus. The period of stay varies by country, however, it is normally between 30-90 days. This tourist visa is not the same as a work-based residence permit or a resident permit. When your tourist visa runs out, you must renew it to extend your stay in Cyprus.

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Cyprus has a low rate of taxation…

Did you know that Cyprus has a low tax rate? Let us look at the tax rates from three perspectives.

Corporate income tax

Corporate tax applies to the earnings of all capital corporations and other organizations included in the Corporate Tax Law. Corporate tax is collected twice a year, in May and October.

Taxes on earnings

After reducing the tax rate they must pay, corporations designated in the Corporate Tax Law are subject to a 15 percent income tax on undistributed corporate revenue.

Value-added tax (VAT)

The value added tax (VAT), designated as a consumption tax, ranges between 0%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% as the applied VAT rates.

Cyprus is stunningly beautiful!

People travel to North Cyprus to explore its pristine nature, swim in the Mediterranean, breathe fresh air, and partake in the legendary nightlife. Despite hosting a large number of tourists, North Cyprus is an island country with clean air and water and is one of the countries with the lowest disease rates during the pandemic. Cyprus has various forests, mountains, and historic sites. Furthermore, you can buy a house right away and live on the island, which has a low crime rate due to its high literacy rate.

The island is attractive for a variety of reasons. Many foreigners believe the island to be a vacation destination, and while it is a wonderful place to come as a tourist, many tourists discover that Cyprus is also a fantastic place to live for the rest of their lives. When you visit a place that feels like heaven, most people assume it will only be for a short time, however it is feasible to live on the island for the rest of your life. So, if you have the opportunity to acquire real estate in Cyprus and live the life of your dreams, you should take advantage of it.

Cyprus is a delightful country to visit and live in because of its rich culture and young, happy populace. Local gatherings are always a lot of fun and interesting, especially in the summer. Thanks to island’s long and gorgeous shores, there are also numerous enjoyable activities on the beaches. In hotels and casinos, there are usually a variety of events to attract visitors.

Wine Festival, North Cyprus International Fair, Rainbow Festival, Pharos International Chamber Music Festival, North Cyprus Film Days, North Cyprus Rally, Lemesia, Beer Festival, European Dance Festival, Amathusia Festival, Ballet Festival, Shakespearean Nights, Carnival, and others are among the cultural events held in North Cyprus. So you can truly call North Cyprus a culturally rich country, and it is reasonable to state that there are some unique events for all types of people, making life in Cyprus unique for everyone.

Cyprus is a modern and prosperous country with strong. The country does most of its trade with Turkey and other European countries, which is quite beneficial. North Cyprus is witnessing rapid economic growth, which bodes well for future investments. Cyprus’ tourism business is massive and rising by the day. The country’s unemployment rate is among the lowest in Europe, thanks to its thriving economy.


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North Cyprus has an excellent educational system, and people from all over the world travel to the island to receive higher international education. North Cyprus is a culturally diverse country with many bilingual residents. Cyprus’ diverse culture makes it simple to communicate and adjust to life there. The average life expectancy of Cyprus is more than 80 years, which is rather amazing and demonstrates the island’s favorable environment and location.

North Cyprus invites you to a peaceful life

The pleasant weather and stunning beaches of Cyprus make living on an island quite appealing. It is as lovely as it sounds to be in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

The island is a stunningly lovely place with kind people. It is almost assured that you will have a wonderful time in North Cyprus due to the pleasant weather and diverse and intriguing culture. So, whether you are searching for a relaxing holiday or a place to call home, Cyprus is the place to go.

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