What are the beautiful attractions in North Cyprus?

beautiful attractions in north cyprus

What are the beautiful attractions in North Cyprus?

If you are thinking of where to visit and spend your holidays across four seasons of the year or to invest your savings, North Cyprus is your best bet. North Cyprus has some of the most gorgeous sandy beaches and historical landmarks. Those miles of lovely sand and blue sea are just magical and you should not miss them.

Where is Kyrenia Harbour?

One of the nicest spots to visit in North Cyprus is the pitaresque historic harbour. Flats, cafes, bars, and restaurants flank the harbour, providing a variety of wonderful places to eat where you can taste the local cuisine.

Where is Kyrenia Castle?

The Kyrenia Castle, located near the Kyrenia Harbour, is a complex blend of architectural styles worth seeing in North Cyprus. The St. George’s Church, royal apartments, Byzantie Chapel, and French dungeons may all be found inside the walls of the Venetian castle. The oldest ship ever recovered from the seabed is the ship in the Shipwreck Museum, which is thought to have sunk around 300BC.

beautiful attractions in north cyprus
beautiful attractions in north cyprus

Where is Turtle Beach?

Turtle Beach is a sand beach that stretches for miles. The beach is marked as the spot where green and loggerhead turtles lay their eggs during the summer. Local Cypriots are the majority of those that visit the beach. If you want to get a feel of the local culture, go visit Turtle Beach in North Cyprus.

Where is Bellapais Monastery?

The Bellapais Abbey is one of North Cyprus’s most tranquil locations. It was established at the beginning of the 19th century. The majority of the Bellapais Abbey that can be seen today dates from Hugh III’s reign. It is a lovely and exquisite structure that has been built in Gothic styles throughout its history. A machicolated gatehouse guards a small courtyard.

Where is St Hilarion Castle?

Another must-see attraction in North Cyprus is St Hilarion Castle. In 670 meters, the castle is located near Kyrenia. It was called after a hermit who used to live on the peak. There were three floors to the castle. The upper level leads to Prince John’s Tower and royal apartments through a twisting and narrow staircase. It has a beautiful view of Kyrenia and the nearby villages.

Where is Buffavento Castle?

Buffavento Castle is located 16 kilometers east of Kyrenia, North Cyprus. It is the highest castle at 954 meters and offers the most stunning views. A 45-minute hike up the mountain way follows a 6.8-kilometer drive along a rough track. It is an excellent architecture that you should not miss when visiting North Cyprus, even though it is mostly wrecked.

beautiful attractions in north cyprus
beautiful attractions in north cyprus

Where is Karpaz Peninsula and Apostolos Andreas Monastery?

The Karpaz peninsula, located in the northeast of North Cyprus, is a land where time has standstill, with miles and miles of unspoiled sandy beaches. The Apostolos Andreas Monastery, located near the extremity of the peninsula, is dedicated to St Andrew, the Miracle Worker. Karpaz is also known for its biodiversity, which includes a large number of wild donkeys. Visit Karpaz, one of North Cyprus’s most picturesque locations.

Where is Kantara Castle?

After the Arab invasions on the Karpaz peninsula, the Byzantines built Kantara Castle in 965. It is the most accessible, standing at 610m. It was designed with the overall situation of the mountain summit in mind. It provides a spectacular view over the Karpaz peninsula and Salamis Bay to Famagusta and other parts of North Cyprus on clear days.

Where is Salamis Ancient City?

Salamis is one of North Cyprus’s most important and fascinating locations, located on the east coast. It was founded about the 12th century BC and had a long history until it was destroyed in the 7th century by Arab raiders, earthquakes, and tides. It is a huge city with many Roman structures and architecture.

Where is Famagusta walled city?

The Lusignans built the city walls of Famagusta, which were initially tall and thin. To defend themselves against the Ottomans, the Venetians strengthened the fortifications against artillery fire. Martinengo Bastion is regarded as one of the greatest examples of 16th-century military construction in North Cyprus.

Where is Saint Barnabas Monastery?

The white domes of St Barnabas Monastery, which dates from 1756, are a neighborhood landmark. It was named after the Apostle Barnabas. For Greek Cypriots living in North Cyprus, St Barnabas’s tomb is still a center of pilgrimage.

beautiful attractions in north cyprus
beautiful attractions in north cyprus

Where is Lala Mustapha Paşa Mosque – St Nicolas’ Cathedral?

The most impressive monument in Famagusta is St Nicolas’s Cathedral. After being anointed as kings of Cyprus in Nicosia, Lusignan kings were crowned as kings of Jerusalem in their absence. The Ottomans converted the cathedral into a mosque and named it after the Ottoman General who invaded Cyprus.

Where is Selimiye Mosque – St Sophia Cathedral?

The Cathedral is one of North Cyprus’s most beautiful Gothic structures. Founded in 1209, it took a long time to build until it was completed in 1326. Cyprus kings were crowned in the St Sophia Cathedral. To symbolize the supremacy of the Muslim faith, the cathedral was converted into a mosque during Ottoman rule. Except for a few tombstones, all Christian symbols were removed.

Where is the Ancient City of Soli?

Soli, one of the island’s ten-city kingdoms of the period, was most likely formed about the 6th century BC. The Romans constructed the ruins that can still be seen today. A theater, ruins of a 5th-century basilica, mosaics, and the base of a fountain formerly dedicated to Goddess Aphrodite can all be found. There are intriguing geometric designs or church on the southern aisle.

North Cyprus has magnificent and breathtaking tourist attractions, including numerous investment opportunities for foreigners who are willing to.

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