What about a day out at Mackenzi bay İskele

mackenzi bay i̇skele

Discover the unique tastes of Mediterranean cuisines at Mackenzi bay İskele

On the road from Karpaz to Famagusta, there is a beach called İskele Long Beach that usually draws attention and looks stunning. People can be seen strolling, running, or riding. Sports activity stations, on the other hand, are located along the long coastline’s path. Meanwhile, there are peddlers. Another source of excitement and color is the Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant with a different, lovely, and modern look.

The services at Mackenzi bay İskele are delivered in ways that particularly meet the needs of every visitor. The flavor in their meals is particularly appealing. Mackenzi bay İskele offers delicacies that are perfect for a day at the beach. In the comfort of this restaurant, try new menu items such as Mediterranean and Russian cuisines. Mackenzi bay İskele deserves a 4.2 ranking based on user comments.

You can read our previous blog post to know more about the Sea Life Hotel İskele, which is another pleasant 3-star hotel just directly adjacent to Mackenzi bay İskele with entertainment facilities to lodge and enjoy your time.

mackenzi bay i̇skele

Location of Mackenzi bay İskele

Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant has a giant tarpaulin canopy and garden just next to the Mediterranean sea. At the point where the sea meets the land. On the beach along the lengthy shoreline, there are umbrellas and sun loungers. Usually, tourists from other countries and residents of İskele and other regions visit Mackenzi bay İskele to spend quality time both during the day and at night.

The service spaces for showers and change cabins are right close to the garden. Using a shower to regulate water waste and water expenditures costs money. The environment has a well-thought-out and attractive architectural design that appeals to nature. Mackenzi bay İskele has a pristine and well-kept environment within the sea atmosphere.

There are seating areas made up of both plastic and wooden chairs and tables and chairs appropriate for a beach setting. The staff and waiters are welcoming and ready to assist with numerous services at all times. Mackenzi bay İskele is a pleasant place to be. The beach and the restaurant are both cleaned on a daily basis. The location of Mackenzi bay İskele is just a few steps away from the popular Long Beach resort, where there are rows of palm trees along the coast.

The Long Beach resort and sporting and other entertainment facilities around the environment are maintained by the İskele Municipality. The construction project and businesses around the İskele region are producing beautiful and giving the area a significantly new look. Both Mackenzi bay İskele and Long Beach appeal greatly to most visitors. The excitement wound end there of course. In addition to the Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant, there are kiosks along the path that are named after the Babutsa and Date fruits, which are İskele’s icons.

mackenzi bay iskele

Menu and Taste

There is a variety of Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and other Mediterranean cuisines at the Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant and other buffets, as well as in the entire region.

Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant offer is one of the best flavors in the İskele region. This restaurant has hosted some of the large gatherings organized by the İskele and other municipalities across North Cyprus and it is still been entrusted with the management of such events compared to other restaurants.  We may say that the Mayor of İskele, Hasan Sadkolu, chose the best option from Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant among such positive activities as a separate success. Of course, before we get into the flavors, we would like to discuss the business practices in this area.

Guests are served appetizers and delectable dishes at Mackenzi bay İskele. In addition, the cuisines are quite affordable compared to other restaurants of similar standard. Typically, fast food and a la carte service are provided. As a fast food, guests can buy filled chicken, calamari chips, and hamburger chips. Also, fantastic salads are available and presented in many varieties with different flavors.

The dishes are served in specially designed plates and other containers appropriate for a beach environment. Plates and cutlery are being utilized in the restaurant. The flavors are there in the variety of Mediterranean cuisines appealing to tourists and locals. Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant offers delicacies that are perfect for a day at the beach.

This location is growing as many residential projects are being completed with many businesses prospering. All tourists who visit the İskele region would have seen the lovely, high-quality construction projects being completed in this location or had a meal from the tasteful cuisines provided by Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant. In their realm of taste, there will undoubtedly be a privileged location or series of locations.

During the summer, both the Long Beach resort and Mackenzi bay İskele restaurant are top among the popular destinations to visit across North Cyprus. The beach is fantastic, as is the infrastructure. The flavors are distinctive. Take a look at their extensive menus. The prices are also fair. Average, Burgers cost 60TL, grilled chicken costs 70TL, meat/chicken doner costs 75TL, oven kebab costs 50TL, schnitzel costs 45TL, squid costs 50TL, and bulgur meatballs cost 45TL. It is also important to note that these prices change according to the current exchange rates.

mackenzi bay iskele

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