Urban life and transport in North Cyprus

urban life in north cyprus

Keep in mind that there are no metro train stations in North Cyprus since the residents of this country prefer to travel by bus. People can use public transportation cards, which are available weekly, monthly, or yearly, and annual cards are generally cheaper than weekly cards. Urban life could therefore be considered as demanding.

Public transport in North Cyprus cities

public transportation in north cyprus

Because the cost of gasoline in Turkish Cyprus is high, using a cab will be costly, and taxis in this nation are charged depending on the amount of time spent per kilometer. Also bear in mind that while North Cyprus has attained high rankings in a variety of disciplines, its transportation infrastructures are still being developed to compete with the global standard.

Urban life in North Cyprus

Renting a house in North Cyprus is a great way to get a feel of the island. When renting a home in North Cyprus, keep in mind that your monthly income is very essential. If you have a strong salary, you may persuade the landlord to allow you to pay the rent three months in advance, for example. Renting a property in Nicosia, Turkish Cyprus, is not straightforward and expensive, since a house in the capital of North Cyprus costs substantially more than a house on the outskirts of the city.

Purchasing property in North Cyprus is another option. If you want to purchase a home in North Cyprus, bear in mind that you can pay 30% as a down payment and the rest of the money in three payments as arranged with the seller. People can also take out bank loans since several banks in this nation assist foreigners with loans, however, guarantors are required. Purchasing a home in Turkish Cyprus does not need a large sum of money, and housing prices are lower at some times, but purchasing a home in Nicosia, North Cyprus’s capital, does.

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