Unique territorial features in North Cyprus

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What are the unique territorial features in North Cyprus?

Although Cyprus has only one territorial feature, the island is split into two states; the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Located on the Mediterranean sea, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has a population of roughly 294 906 people living on a land area of 3 355 km2; and its phone code is +90 392. The internet domain in North Cyprus is (.nc.tr). The official language in North Cyprus is Turkish, but English is commonly spoken. The official currency of North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira (TL), but US Dollar, Euro, and British pound are also widely used for payments.

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North Cyprus visas

Traveling to North Cyprus does not require a visa. When tourists arrive, they receive an entry stamp (written on a separately filled paper). You may be requested to produce your return ticket on occasion. It is possible to stay in the country for up to 90 days. However, there are exceptions for citizens of some countries who may require visas prior to arrival. Once they arrive in North Cyprus, there are other procedures to legalize their stay. You can click here to find out more!

The road to North Cyprus…

There are two major ways to get to North Cyprus; either by air or by sea. There is a one-hour direct flight from Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Adana) to Ercan Airport, North Cyprus’ only airport. North Cyprus can also be reached by sea, with ferries running from Turkey’s Alanya and Mersin to Kyrenia. It is also possible to enter North Cyprus by road, particularly for those crossing the borders from the Republic of Cyprus in the south. Holders of EU passport, a Cyprus visa, or a Schengen visa can fly to Larnaca airport in the Republic of Cyprus and then drive (or even walk) across the land border with North Cyprus at one of the checkpoints.

Living expenses

A person earning the minimum income in North Cyprus, which is roughly 6,000 Turkish Lira, can live well. Consider the advantages of a low cost of living, as well as the carefree lifestyle and high level of quality that someone earning an average pay could enjoy. Dining out, going out for drinks, entertainment, and vacation opportunities are all reasonable in North Cyprus without sacrificing service quality. This is why, even on a minimum salary, vacation or attendance at cultural or artistic events is easily affordable.

Assume two people live together and earn minimum wage, resulting in a total family income of 12,000 Turkish Lira. They can easily buy a car with this revenue in no time. Do not forget that local banks provide mortgage assistance, so instead of paying rent, you might pay your mortgage and be the happy owner of your own home in no time.

Property Prices

Property costs vary from city to city in North Cyprus, just like they do anywhere else in the world. Kyrenia, the tourism capital, is a little more expensive than neighboring cities, but the difference is still negligible. Property prices in North Cyprus are roughly 40-60% lower than in other Mediterranean countries. Property is fairly easy to buy or rent in North Cyprus, regardless of your budget. If you would want to learn more about this, please see our North Cyprus property buying process.

While a luxury home in North Cyprus can be purchased for 80,000 GBP for example, a property with identical amenities and features in other European and Mediterranean nations costs twice as much. The same can be said regarding rental rates. The cost of renting a flat in North Cyprus starts at £200 per month. Check out our blog post on North Cyprus rentals to learn more about property prices and rental apartments in different cities across North Cyprus.

 The cost of living in North Cyprus is, without a doubt, a critical consideration for people considering relocating and starting a new life there. When comparing the standard of living and cost of living in North Cyprus to that of other European and Mediterranean countries, it is clear that choosing North Cyprus means choosing a lifestyle of the greatest quality at the lowest possible price. Those considering relocating to North Cyprus will find that it provides the best living conditions.

North Cyprus has a pleasant climate and a clean environment…

The weather conditions and environmental variables are two of the most important aspects that attract people to live in North Cyprus. The cleanliness of sea water stands out as 97.3 percent in the European Sea Water Quality Report, in addition to its unspoilt landscape and distinctive bays where sunbathing is never out of the question throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a nice destination for vacation or a place to live with superior environmental circumstances, North Cyprus has everything.

The sea-sand-sun triad, which is the first image that comes to mind when people think of living in North Cyprus or visiting for vacations, provides a sense of tranquility and joy that is not easy to find elsewhere in the world. North Cyprus is a popular destination for both pleasure seekers and nature enthusiasts, and it is breathtakingly beautiful every day of the year. There is a treasure mine of cultural heritage hidden in every corner of North Cyprus, whether it is water, sky, or sand, displaying evidence of Mediterranean Culture, with the sea and seamanship at its forefront.

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Beaches in North Cyprus

North Cyprus boasts of some of the Mediterranean’s most unique beaches and bays, providing visitors and locals with a nice change of scenery rich in historic artifacts and natural beauty. In a broader cultural sense, North Cyprus stands out for its beauty, which adds to the quality of life and makes it so much more than just a vacation spot.

North Cyprus’ unspoiled bays and pleasant beaches are just waiting to be discovered. It is the ideal destination for folks who desire to spend the rest of their lives on a never-ending vacation, with annual average sea water temperatures of 21 degrees. North Cyprus’ beaches, which are known for their cleanliness, are considered one of the most suitable and sanitary areas to swim in the Mediterranean. While clean sea water was measured at 89 percent in Europe, the quality of salt water in North Cyprus was recorded at 97.3 percent, according to the European Sea Water Quality Report issued in 2017.

Wild life can be seen on the beaches of North Cyprus, particularly Caretta Carettas, often visiting and laying their eggs on the coastlines for many years. There are around 85 natural caverns in North Cyprus, including ncirli and Sütunlu, which are large museums with many relics and natural wonders for you to discover. The Venetian Column, Salamis Ancient City, Kyrenia Castle, Kyrenia Ancient Harbor, St. Barnabas Monastery, and many other places are among North Cyprus’ spectacular historical tapestries.

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