Unique characteristics of North Cyprus

north cyprus

What are the unique characteristics of North Cyprus?

North Cyprus has a population of about 500,000 people and is located on the northern and eastern sides of Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus covers 3,355 square kilometers (about one-third of the island), stretching from the Karpas Peninsula in the northeast to the tip of Cape Kormakitis and the Kokkina enclave in the west, and the Cape Greco Peninsula in the southeast.

north cyprus

Cyprus is strategically located on the edge of the Middle East. Because of its strategic location, it has been molded into a country rich in history by the different empires that have ruled and colonized it throughout the centuries. Beginning with Alexander the Great’s capture of the island in 333 BC. Cyprus was controlled by the British Empire from 1878 until 1960, when it was granted freedom. The northern part proclaimed independence under the name Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1983.

It is known for its wonderful temperature, beautiful scenery, and nice people. Cyprus’ major source of revenue is tourism, with 5-star hotels from internationally famous companies occupying prime locations along the mountainous northern coast and sandy beaches to the east. Many private villas are owned by foreigners who have opted to either relocate to the safe and inviting island or spend their vacations taking advantage of the long warm summers and fresh springs, where mountain trekking is a favorite sport.

Golf is a highly popular activity as well. With an 18-hole championship golf course within an hour’s drive of most regions, North Cyprus is a perfect destination for golf due to the pleasant sea wind. Scuba diving is also very popular in this North Cyprus, which is surrounded by the warm Mediterranean Sea. North Cyprus, a Turkish Republic, is an excellent site to discover and explore a new underwater world. The weather in the Mediterranean ensures that diving conditions are ideal for most of the year.

North Cyprus attracts visitors from all over the world, particularly during the summer months of May to October. North Cyprus offers a considerable supply of private villas for vacations, which are quite popular and in high demand. There are also a number of 5-star hotels to suit your every need, including water parks, beach sports, children’s clubs, spa retreats, and so on.

Resort villages are also widespread in North Cyprus. For example, the government has designated the historic village of Bafra as a major tourism destination.

Thalassa Beach Resort in Bafra is the largest and most prominent beachfront development in North Cyprus, and it gives a fantastic opportunity to buy a property on the Mediterranean at a reasonable price.

Apart from tourism and its rich history, North Cyprus is famous for its importance in terms of education. The higher education sector accounts for 40% of the GDP of North Cyprus. Recognizing its importance and benefits to the country, the government actively promotes and support universities.

north cyprus

North Cyprus is not a member of major sporting organizations due to a lack of international recognition, but it has a vibrant sports culture, with 13,838 professional athletes enrolled to 29 sports federations. The most popular sports in North Cyprus – the Martial Arts Taekwondo-karate-aikido-kurash – have 6054 professional athletes enrolled.

North Cyprus has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. North Cyprus is a fascinating and wonderful tourism destination. Once you have visited there, you will want to come back again and again.


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