Turkish Cypriot lifestyle


What is the lifestyle of the Turkish Cypriot people?

North Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and it is located in the northwestern region of the island of Cyprus. Nicosia is the capital of North Cyprus and is located in the heart of the island; migrating to North Cyprus is an excellent decision if you work in tourism or finance since persons dealing with currencies in this nation see tremendous growth.

In North Cyprus, family is so important that people try to spend their weekends with them. Turkish Cypriots hold their grandparents in high regard and show considerable concern for the elderly in the country. If you are invited to a residence in Turkish Cyprus, it is customary to offer sweets as a present; if you bring another gift, your gifts will not be opened quickly, as is customary in this country.


Keep in mind that people in North Cyprus always dress in clean white clothes, and shaking hands is a significant aspect of the culture, as they strive to shake hands while entering and leaving the house. Turkish Cyprus’ economy is built on a free market system, and the country’s principal exports are agricultural goods, wheat, barley, potatoes, and citrus fruits, which have had a significant influence on North Cyprus’ economy. In addition to tobacco and industrial items, the nation excels in textiles and handicrafts.

North Cyprus imports a variety of goods, including food, oil, and chemical items. Because North Cyprus lacks mines, it relies on these imports.

Tourism is also a significant source of revenue in Northern Cyprus; keep in mind that immigrants to the island may make a comfortable living working in the tourism industry.

In North Cyprus, the average yearly per capita income per household has been established at around 40,000 Turkish Lira.

The country has experienced a major economic crisis in the last ten years, causing the unemployment rate to rise; however, in recent years, the country has witnessed economic growth, allowing it to invest in fields such as international electrical engineering and information and communication technology.


The country has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and pleasant winters. The coldest months are December and January when the temperature hits 18 degrees Celsius in the morning and drops considerably more in the evening. Temperatures are moderate in February, March, April, and May, and the weather becomes pleasant and warmer. However, in the months of June, July, August, and September, the city experiences a significant rise in temperatures, reaching 29 degrees Celsius.

North Cyprus is one of the most productive countries in the world, and entrepreneurs can make a good living there because Cyprus has a large port that has experienced excellent growth and trade prosperity. Accounting is another flourishing sector in North Cyprus, and it is one of the most sought-after careers throughout the year. Marketing and business degrees are other attractive options.

Working in North Cyprus is intriguing since advertising is quite lucrative in this country, so if you studied graphic arts or have expertise with digital marketing and advertising, you will be able to find a job quickly.

Currently, the minimum wage in North Cyprus is roughly around 6090 Turkish liras. North Cyprus students are not permitted to work full-time, although they are permitted to work part-time, with handsome pay depending on the period of employment.

The country’s security measures are developing all the time, therefore it is easy to conclude that North Cyprus is a highly safe location to reside. The state has the best child safety procedures in place so that children can safely join the area of education.

Women in the country do not feel insecure and may work freely. Although theft in North Cyprus has fallen significantly in recent years, it is still prudent to be cautious.

North Cyprus’ security ranking is improving day by day, indicating that it is a decent place to live. Homeless women in the country can seek official assistance, and children who are neglected grow up under government supervision.

Residents of North Cyprus are interested in diving since they live on an island, and diving is an essential component of their sport. In 2015, the diving field for Turkish Cypriots grew rapidly all over the world. Turkish Cypriots have also progressed in the field of sailing, which is one of the most popular activities among women, and have even achieved success on racetracks.

Equestrianism is another prominent sporting activity in North Cyprus, where residents were able to win the first position in the world in the equestrian sector in 2020, as young people in the nation improve their skills under the guidance of the top instructors.

One of the more intriguing parts is Kyrenia. This city is home to some spectacular castles, particularly for young people.

If you visit North Cyprus, search for eateries in this region; you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of cuisines available.

The unusual architectural and unique mix that can be observed at Kyrenia Castle, which is located near to Kyrenia Port, is undoubtedly stunning.


Turtle Beach is a lovely beach in Turkish Cyprus devoted to turtles, and when approaching the beach, you will be greeted by a large number of turtles; it will undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Pelabis Church is a lovely thirteenth-century church that is regarded one of the top tourist and historical locations in the country. It is located in one of the quietest regions of North Cyprus, between the mountains of Guerna, just minutes from Nicosia. St. Hilarion Castle is a very interesting historical component; the castle is built on a mountain with a panoramic view of the city from the top; keep in mind that the path to the top is narrow and windy.

north cyprus cuisines

There are many different foods to try in Turkish Cyprus. Turkish Cyprus cuisine is Mediterranean in nature and has certain traits with those of Italy, the Balkan nations, Turkey, and the Levant.

It incorporates a variety of vegetables, olive oil, cereals, fish, white and red meat, such as lamb, chicken, and rabbits, among other ingredients. Olives, cheese, eggplant, zucchini, herbs, bread, and yogurt are all key ingredients, while barley is the most prevalent grain.

Halloumi is one of the most well-known meals in North Cyprus, and it is also one of the tastiest. This dish is a sort of white cheese with a somewhat salty flavor. Also available in North Cyprus is Akmak Kadayev, a delectable delicacy prepared from unique flour and eaten with coffee. Kultiko is one of the best foods in North Cyprus, with Greek roots. It is one of the most renowned dishes in North Cyprus, and it is cooked with lamb and served with french fries on the side.

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