Traditional Turkish Cypriot cuisines

What are the various Turkish Cypriot cuisines?

You will be delighted to know that while dining out in North Cyprus, you have a wide variety of cuisine and restaurant options to choose from, which can be rather overwhelming at times. If you want, you may eat out at a different restaurant every night of the week, or you can eat at home with a range of take-out and delivery options.



With the opening of more 5-star hotels, there are more and more 5-star cooking standards available, providing a vast array of exquisite buffet-style menus, as well as international franchised restaurants within some hotel’s premises. If you are looking for something a little different to eat, hotel food is definitely worth investigating.

Traditional Turkish Cypriot food, on the other hand, is typically found in the tiniest and least well-publicized establishments, and you should seek them out as well to sample the local specialties and mouthwatering main meals on offer. You can spend a long and joyful evening at such places, where the warmth and welcoming ambiance, as well as the pleasure of sitting and speaking with the owner and their family, will keep you coming back. Several bigger locations are extremely popular for economical yet quality eating and these are often filled with local families all enjoying the late summer nights while tucking into properly portioned meals.

As the appeal of more European and international eating has developed in North Cyprus, you can now discover a variety of different dining alternatives, such as Italian and Indian, with pizza and pasta joints being a favorite choice for many, as seen by their proliferation. Classic fish and chip restaurants abound, and many establishments cater to a steady stream of ex-pats with traditional Sunday roasts at extremely inexpensive costs.


Take-out and delivery services are also on the rise, with most fast-food restaurants now offering a moped delivery service, a collecting point for take-out orders, and in some cases, a specially built online order and delivery service.

Remember that North Cyprus is a tremendous spot to dine out with little children because it is a Mediterranean nation, and there are family restaurants that cater to children so well that they even offer play areas so they can work off their supper and interact with other children.

If you want to treat yourself to an evening of fine dining, there is a wide range of à la carte places to choose from, including a number of top-tier eateries that serve good wines and high-quality dishes produced by highly educated chefs.

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