The modern North Cyprus

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North Cyprus in the modern era

1974 is a year that you will see and hear a lot about in the months leading up to and during your visit. Everything changed on the island of Cyprus in that year. In the modern day, nearly 4 million visitors visit North Cyprus each year in search of hot, sunny weather, extensive expanses of sandy beaches, and crystal-clear Mediterranean seas. The majority of them find what they are looking for at the several resort communities along the coast south of the dividing line.


Arriving and departing from North Cyprus

The main international airport in North Cyprus is Ercan International Airport. Even though flights to the airport are prohibited by international law, planes do fly in and out, but only via Turkey.

Anyone who enters through Ercan airport is considered to have entered the nation illegally, according to the government of the Republic of Cyprus, which oversees the territory south of the UN buffer zone. This is definitely something to think about, especially if you want to go to Southern Cyprus during your trip. If you attempt to cross the border, you may face major difficulties.

While travel fares to and from Ercan remain incomparable, there are more alternatives with greater flexibility and significantly more direct flights to and from Larnaca airport in Southern Cyprus.


Safety in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is today entirely safe, and the great majority of visitors will have no issues during their stay, despite political tensions, an often-noticed military presence, and geographic closeness to troublesome areas.

The political environment is tight, but not violent. For a European destination, crime rates are relatively low, and statistically lower than in Southern Cyprus. You won’t have any problems if you take the same precautions you would while visiting any other European destination.

Languages in modern North Cyprus

Turkish is the most widely spoken language in North Cyprus.

The majority of people either know or understand some English, or know someone who does and can assist them. Shopkeepers, waiters, and hotel employees all speak fluent English.

Road signs, signposts, and notifications are usually written in Turkish and English, with some Greek thrown in for good measure. German is also widely spoken.

Names of places in North Cyprus

Many towns and cities in North Cyprus are recognized by two names, one of Greek origin and the other of Turkish origin, due to the fact that Cyprus has two major ethnic groupings. The attractive tourist town of Kyrenia (of Greek heritage) is also known as Girne (Turkish), while Nicosia’s capital is also known as Lefkoşa.

During your visit, you will discover that there is a lack of uniformity in the use of the names. Although most road signs carried both names, earlier signs only exhibited the Greek variation, while newer ones exclusively displayed the Turkish variant. The destinations of Dolmus buses are usually only posted in Turkish. Because there is no consistency, knowing names in both languages is a good idea just in case.


Car rental in North Cyprus

Renting a car in North Cyprus is similar to renting a car in any other European country. You can do it on the spot at service desks and rental centers, ask your hotel to handle it for you, or reserve it in advance online. Pre-booking online usually gets you the greatest bargain and provides you peace of mind that everything is taken care of before you arrive.


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