The fascinating Kyrenia harbour in North Cyprus

kyrenia north cyprus

Why is the North Cyprus Kyrenia harbour fascinating?

Take a stroll around Kyrenia’s lovely harbour, one of North Cyprus’s most stunning sites. Kyrenia Castle, on one side of the horseshoe-shaped harbor, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. One of the joys of your vacation will certainly be dining at one of the coastal restaurants or drinking a brandy sour as the sunsets. Observe the people as they stroll down the promenade in the evening and admire the views.

kyrenia harbour


Take a boat ride for a great day out. One of North Cyprus’s earliest city kingdoms, the town was built in the 10th century BC. Because of its location on the north shore, barely 40 miles from the Turkish mainland, it quickly grew into a significant trading center. The buildings that today house cafes and restaurants on the waterfront were previously used to store carob and other valuable commodities.

The tiny alleyways of the old town, which lead off the waterfront, are ideal for shopping for holiday souvenirs and gifts to take home. Boat cruises depart from the harbor and are an excellent way to see the stunning coastline of Kyrenia.

kyrenia north cyprus

At the waterfront, there are several eateries to select from. There are some of the top Kyrenia hotels where you can try a variety of cuisines, all of which are within walking distance of Kyrenia Harbour. Kyrenia is the ideal choice for individuals who like to be close to all of the attractions.


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