Some fun facts about North Cyprus


What are the fun facts about North Cyprus?

It is easy to focus on the important things when deciding where to go on vacation; the beach, the sun, and good food and drink, but because holidays to North Cyprus check all of those boxes, there are more specific facts to help you get to know this fantastic place a little better.



Some of the facts are random, while some are well-known, and others are very intriguing, but they will help you gain a better understanding of North Cyprus’ history and culture.

  • The Island of Cyprus, including North Cyprus, is a former British colony with a rich history.
  • North Cyprus drives on the left, precisely like the UK, which is why ex-pats like it.
  • While the south of Cyprus is a member of the European Union, the north is not, therefore prices may be lower there.
  • Nicosia is the capital city of both the North and the South, making it the only city in Europe (after the collapse of the Berlin Wall) that is divided by a border, although since the relaxing of border restrictions, you can travel freely through the checkpoints.
  • North Cyprus is home to the world’s largest flag, which is painted on the Kyrenia Mountains and provides an amazing view.
  • Cats have been living on the island of Cyprus for over 9000 years, which is a “purfect” thought.
  • Cyprus has been inhabited since the Neolithic Stone Age, making it an intriguing historical site.
  • Cyprus has a total area of 3355km2, with North Cyprus accounting for around 27% of that.
  • North Cyprus’ official religion is Islam, which is practiced by 98 percent of the population.
  • The predominant spoken language is Turkish, however, because it is an ex-British colony, English is widely spoken.
  • The 2011 film ‘Key’ was the first feature-length film shot entirely in North Cyprus.
  • Poetry is the most commonly published genre of art, having a number of well-known Turkish Cypriot poets.
  • The tower of Othello is in Famagusta, North Cyprus.
  • By the number of participants, Taekwondo and Karate are the most popular sports in Northern Cyprus, propelling it all the way to the top of the list of sports in the country.
  • If you like, you can get a separate piece of paper stamped instead of your passport.
  • During the copper and bronze centuries, Cyprus was one of the richest countries in the world, and the old copper mines can still be seen near Guzelyurt.
  • Varosha, a ghost town in North Cyprus, is located in the ancient Famagusta.
  • Every year, turtles deposit their eggs in North Cyprus.
  • North Cyprus has six crusader castles… a stunning sight.
  • North Cyprus uses the Turkish Lira as its currency, which allows you to stretch your dollars farther owing to favorable exchange rates.


So there you have it; a plethora of interesting information that may impact your decision to visit North Cyprus


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