Securing a job in North Cyprus


Can foreigners secure a job in North Cyprus?

Foreigners in North Cyprus may work either in full-time or part-time jobs, although it is advised that students who work do not let such jobs affect grades and performance. Because tourism is so important to North Cyprus’ economy, the majority of jobs are in the tourism sector, such as hotels, restaurants, and casinos. Most foreigners do “walk-ins” to acquire part-time jobs, which means they directly walk into hotels and restaurants and approach the management for a job opportunity.

The summer is the ideal time to find part-time jobs because it is the peak season for hotels, motels, restaurants, and casinos; nevertheless, due to the huge demand for part-time jobs on the island particularly from students, it is recommended to apply for positions earlier. Remuneration for part-time jobs varies depending on where you work; for example, some five-star hotels provide accommodation and meals for part-time workers and pay at least 3000TL per month, whilst some eateries pay as low as 2000TL per month (this may vary depending on the exchange rates).


Finding a full-time job after completing your studies is difficult, especially when you consider the language barrier. Although English is commonly used in North Cyprus, elderly people in various industries are hesitant to communicate in a foreign language all of the time. However, if a student masters the Turkish language completely throughout his or her education, his or her prospects of finding a job after graduation rise considerably. Many students have secured jobs in North Cyprus after completing their studies, while others opt to travel to other countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, or Estonia to further their education or seek employment.

Work permit rules for foreign students have been in existence for a long time, but they were infrequently enforced until lately, and obtaining a work permit is no longer simple. If you need to work in Northern Cyprus as a student to support yourself or your family, you should look for jobs towards the completion of your studies.

There are regulations for acquiring a job and a work permit, but please keep in mind that the laws change regularly, so it is always a good idea to seek advice and check out for regular updates. For example, there are widespread rumors that a foreigner will only be allowed to hold a work visa for four years before having to depart for ten years before being able to apply for another. A work permit will allow you to legally remain and work in North Cyprus, and it will need to be renewed on a regular basis throughout your time on the island. Without initially acquiring a full work or business permit, foreigners arriving in North Cyprus do not have the automatic right to work, earn money, or manage a business.

The majority of the European workforce in North Cyprus is engaged in the real estate and construction sectors, as well as the tourism and hotel industries.  So, if you are wondering what sorts of jobs are most easily accessible, these are the major sectors where you can find vacancies. There are currently no employment agencies on the island, hence the most usual way for individuals to secure a job is by word of mouth, or occasionally through advertisements in the local Cyprus Today newspaper or on North Cyprus web forums.

According to the laws currently in effect, a foreigner can only be hired by a firm after a government search has been conducted to guarantee that no local Turkish Cypriot citizens can perform the job. This indicates that a reputable employer who has offered a foreigner a job has preferably exhausted the local labor market. Once the government has agreed that no locals can fill the required vacancy, the employer is free to advertise the position or send a letter of invitation to a foreigner he may already have in mind. The employer will begin the process of getting a temporary work visa for their new employee, usually through his accountant. You will be required to fill out several forms, get a medical examination, visit a local police station, and register with different government offices such as social security. Most of the procedure that does not involve your physical attendance should be handled by your company. It is vital to note that the employee is still prohibited from working until a formal permission is given. Employees must have a euro-denominated bond held in a local bank account that is blocked for the term of their work visa under the current rules.


The amount payable varies based on your home country, but the purpose of the bond is to ensure that if your employer goes bankrupt and you are left without money, you will be able to return to your home country. This amount is paid by your employer, and we have heard of people being requested to pay it; nonetheless, companies are required to pay it, and most do. A work permit application might take two to three weeks to complete, and a full permission is usually awarded for six months to a year.

When the permission expires, the same procedure must be followed each time. Following that, permits for two years at a time can be provided, reducing the frequency of the procedure. Beware that once a permit is given, it becomes the sole property of the employer. If you are fired or terminated from your job, this permit is no longer valid for any other work or organization, and if you start a new job, you must repeat the entire process. If you can not secure another job and your work permit has expired, you must leave North Cyprus within 7 days of the expiration date and return to receive a new 30-day visit visa. You must fınd another job or begin the process of switching to a temporary residency permit during this time frame.

Your company will addıtıonally pay your social security contributions each month, which will entitle you to free state healthcare and can be a valuable source of income if you ever need to rely on your contributions for a period of six months or longer.

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You should receive a medical card, which will need to be stamped every six months at your local social security office to prove that your contributions are current and allow you to continue receiving free state healthcare, as well as a general employment card, which should be updated with your new employer’s information every time you change jobs. However, foreigners are no longer allowed to contribute to the state pension system as of 2009/2010, so keep that in mind as well. If you have been working for a while and then change jobs, you will be unable to continue contributing but will be able to reclaim your previous contributions.

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