Residing in North Cyprus

residing in north cyprus

Some helpful guides about residing in North Cyprus?

The decision about residing in North Cyprus is not a difficult one to make. All individuals considering buying real estate in North Cyprus, both potential Cypriot customers and experienced tourists, are plagued by a persistent question. Although Northern Cyprus is only 3355 square kilometers, it makes up 9251 square kilometers of Cyprus’ total territory. Regardless, it has its own distinct and appealing sections.

Being a resident of North Cyprus

If you are considering the options of relocating or residing in North Cyprus, you may be interested in learning more about the island’s climate and the best places to either rent or buy a residential property. Before you decide about residing in North Cyprus, it is important to learn more about the climate and conduciveness of North Cyprus, including average air and sea temperatures, as well as other benefits of residing in North Cyprus, particularly across the five regions of the island:

  1. Lefkoşa (Nicosia), the capital city
  2. Gazimağusa (Famagusta)
  3. Girne (Kyrenia)
  4. Guzelyurt (Morphoux)
  5. İskele (Tricomo)

residing in north cyprus

Lefkoşa (Nicosia) is the capital city of North Cyprus

This is a city that is separated into two halves, North and South, and is the physical capital of two Cyprus. All of the country’s major administrative buildings are located in Lefkoşa, as is the airport on the north side. Because it is the capital city, the primary business hub and production power are concentrated in Lefkoşa. Despite this, there are historical sites that remind you of how Cyprus used to be. Museums, historic aleks, streets, and ruins are all present. Locals mostly prefer Nicosia when it comes to residing in North Cyprus.

Gazimağusa (Famagusta)

Famagusta is one of the important cities when it comes to the decision about residing in North Cyprus. This is likewise a mid-sized city with a lot to offer in terms of both daily life and tourism attractions. Although located a short distance from the city, beautiful beaches can be found in Famagusta. Despite this, the city comes alive in the evenings and begins a “different life.”

Famagusta is known as a student city since a major portion of the population is made up of international students from various nations. Despite this, the city maintains its tranquility. There are numerous stores, including a Shopping Center City Mall.

The so-called “old city” is another historical site in the city that is “intertwined” with the new buildings.

In Famagusta, you will be privileged to visit former churches that were converted to mosques after the Turks arrived, as well as Richard the Lionheart’s fortress, old moors, and so on.

Girne (Kyrenia)

Girne is commonly known as the mountainous and very green region of North Cyprus. Because of the mountains, there is more rain in the winter than in the summer, but the views are breathtaking. It is even more spectacular with mountain passes, serpentines, and sea vistas. The Kyrenia region is one of the most preferred among tourists when it comes to the decisions about residing in Noth Cyprus.

The Abadstvo Belapais, the Castle of Hilarion, and the Kyrenia Fortress are just a few of the historical ruins near the city that attract visitors. In terms of population density, Kyrenia is the second most populous city in the country. There is the well-known Cyprus Girne American University, as well as schools, children’s activities, parks, and other amenities. In addition, there is a sizable Russian-speaking population there.

Guzelyurt (Morphoux)

This area can fairly be referred to as the agricultural region of North Cyprus. The majority of citrus fruits, as well as other fruits, are grown there. Hotels and apartment complexes are also available. Because the topography is generally flat, the beaches are excellent. It is near the Troodos Mountains in the northwest corner of the island. Getting to the south side from Guzelyurt is simple: there are two border crossing points in Bostanji and Yeshilirmak.

Guzelyurt captivates with its pristine beauty, historic archaeological monuments (such as the Church of Soli’s magnificently preserved mosaics and the palace of Cyprus’ first monarch, Vouni), and true culture. Like Girne, Guzelyurt is one of the preferred regions for agriculturalists when it comes to the decision about residing in North Cyprus.

İskele (Tricomo)

This area is currently undergoing rapid development, both in terms of construction and tourism. The local town hall began to actıvely develop the shoreline a few years ago, with the goal of improving it each year. From İskele, you can go to the Karpaz Peninsula, which has yet to be influenced by humans (except for agriculture). This region has the nicest beaches at the moment, and there are many historical sites, as there are everywhere. Salamis, or the ruins of Salamis’ former city, is the most famous.

Currently, a large number of housing complexes are centered in the İskele region, all of which are actively growing and gaining momentum. When it pertains to the decision about buying a property either for the purpose of residing in North Cyprus or for earning rental incomes, the İskele region is top among other preferred destinations on the island.

residing in north cyprus

North Cyprus is not a large country, but it attracts a large number of tourists to its shores. Many individuals want to visit the island as a tourist destination, some want to invest in it, and others want to relocate and reside there.

Of any Mediterranean or European country, residing in North Cyprus provides the finest value for money. Without emptying your pocket, you can live the life of your desires with a variety of high-quality items and services. North Cyprus is at the top of the list of countries where seasonal products are sold at a discount, allowing you to take advantage of the freshest fruits and vegetables available. Step into the lush fields of North Cyprus and see what it is like to pick beautiful lemons off trees or create culinary wonders with the season’s first harvest without breaking the budget.

Each location has its own set of pluses and minuses, but the only way to figure out is to read our previous blog post by clicking on the link below to get the necessary information that will guide you towards making the choice about residing in North Cyprus.

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