Pros and cons of living in North Cyprus

north cyprus

What are the pros and cons of living in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus’ sunny weather and lenient fiscal policies for ex-pats and enterprises make it an appealing place to relocate to. Understanding what it is like to live in North Cyprus helps you to determine if this beautiful island is appealing to you and which location meets up to your needs.

North Cyprus is an excellent choice for both families and retirees. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, but its breathtaking mountains and little valleys full of vineyards, orange groves, and olive groves also draw people from all over the world.

north cyprus

Living in North Cyprus offers a variety of lifestyle and financial benefits. Life is more relaxed in general, and there are more possibilities to spend time outside. The cost of living in Cyprus is typically lower, taxes are lower, and housing prices are lower than in the United Kingdom.

The calm, laid-back pace and “enjoy the moment” mentality are hallmarks of the Mediterranean way of life. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood are available all year. Fruit and vegetable markets abound, with vibrant colors and low prices.

With 320 days of sunlight each year, the island has the warmest climate in the Mediterranean. North Cyprus is also considered to have one of the healthiest climates in the world. In both North and South Cyprus, English is widely spoken.

north cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the world’s safest destinations. In addition, the crime rate is quite low. Despite the division, tourists and ex-pats find North Cyprus to be a fairly secure location. There is less violent crime than in other European countries of comparable size. Of course, there are instances of nonviolent and non-confrontational street crimes, and it is best not to give criminals a chance. However, North Cyprus is, in general, a secure and serene location to live in.


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