North Cyprus visa and residency requirement

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What are the current North Cyprus visitor and residency visa updates?

British passport holders, whether or not they are residents of the United Kingdom, do not require an advance visa for Turkey, North Cyprus, or South Cyprus (which is in Europe). If you arrive via Larnaca in South Cyprus, Ercan Airport or the border, you will normally be given an immediate 30-day visitor/tourist visa. If you arrive via Turkey, you must obtain a visa on arrival (currently needing a £20 sterling note, although this may change). You do not need a visa if you are traveling through Turkey on a Pegasus aircraft that does not need disembarkation or a flight where you disembark but just change planes.

north cyprus

If you are a UK resident with a passport other than a British passport and are unsure if you require a visa, contact the TRNC trade and tourism office 29, Bedford Square, London WC1B 3EG, by phoning +44 from outside the UK (0)207-631-1920.

If you are not a UK resident and do not hold a British passport, please contact your nearest North Cyprus Office or Turkish Embassy using this link.

You can also call a reputable local travel agency or the airline with which you want to fly to Turkey (airlines to south Cyprus will not help you).

It is quite easy to go to North Cyprus: obtaining a visa and booking a flight is simple. North Cyprus welcomes tourists from almost every country in the globe, in keeping with North Cyprus’ cosmopolitan atmosphere and the Turkish Cypriot culture’s extremely hospitable demeanor.

To visit North Cyprus, nationals of the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States do not need a visa in advance.

Citizens of these countries can drive through the South Cyprus border or fly to North Cyprus and arrive at the Ercan Airport or Kyrenia (Girne) port via Turkey and get an automatic 30-day visitor visa for a holiday or property viewing visit.

The only exception is that nationals of Armenia, Syria, and Nigeria require an advance visa and should contact either the North Cyprus Representative or the Turkish Embassy before traveling.

Because of the flexible approach to entry visas, citizens of many non-Schengen countries can visit and buy property in North Cyprus, even if they cannot visit the Republic of (South) Cyprus easily.

If you are traveling to North Cyprus for a visit, vacation, or to look at properties, you will need to fly in from either Turkey (to Ercan Airport in North Cyprus) or South Cyprus (via Larnaca Airport in the Republic of Cyprus, crossing the border easily to North Cyprus). There are some visa-related concerns frequently arising from neighboring countries, as well as about residency in North Cyprus.

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In general, North Cyprus immigration officers do not stamp your passport because doing so might prevent you from acquiring a visa for the south of Cyprus from the Cyprus Embassy in your home country in the future. However, unless you specifically request a white paper visa, the immigration officer at Ercan Airport in North Cyprus will frequently stamp passports. If you want to go to the south (Republic) of Cyprus regularly, you should request the white paper insert rather than having your passport stamped.

Citizens of Europe, as well as most former Commonwealth nations (excluding South Africa) and the United States, can enter the European Union-member Republic of Cyprus without a visa.

Visitors can arrive at Larnaca Airport, which offers a wide choice of international and low-cost flights from the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and many other countries. Travelers who already have a Schengen Visa for South Cyprus may fly into Larnaca International Airport and then simply cross the border into North Cyprus to get their automatic 30-day visa.

If your passport is not one of the above or you do not have a Schengen Visa, you must either apply for an advance Schengen visa at the Republic of Cyprus Embassy in your home country or arrive through North Cyprus via Turkey.

If your passport is non-Schengen, it is often simpler to secure an advance visa for Turkey than for the European south of Cyprus, and if you fall into this group, you may opt to enter via Turkey, either by ship or by flight to Ercan Airport. As a result, many countries prefer to spend their vacations and buy property in the north rather than the south of Cyprus. Please note that visa issues for North Cyprus are handled by Turkish embassies and the North Cyprus Trade and Tourism Offices, not by Cyprus embassies.

You do not require an advance visa for Turkey if you are traveling to North Cyprus via Turkey and transit in an airport such as Istanbul but do not exit the airport. However, if you want to depart an airport, change airports, or spend the night in Turkey while traveling, you will require a Turkish visa. By paying a nominal cost, many countries can get a Turkey visa on arrival. The majority of these visas are simple to get. Please confirm your eligibility for an automatic visa upon arrival in Turkey with your travel agency or the Turkish Embassy closest to you, since the requirements vary for dıfferent natıonalıtıes.

To work in North Cyprus, you wıll require a work visa. Visitors to North Cyprus are not automatically granted permission to work. This is true even for European citizens, as North Cyprus is now outside the European Union’s jurisdiction.

You cannot work or make money in North Cyprus with a 30-day automatic visitor visa or a residence visa (or property ownership). However, a work visa can be obtained. If you want to work or start a company in North Cyprus, you wıll need a North Cyprus work visa, and it is recommended that you consult with a qualified lawyer of your choice, for details on how to go about this.

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Nationals from all over the world live in the multi-cultural North Cyprus, and obtaining residency once you have a contract of sale or title deed in North Cyprus is fairly simple. If you are buying a home in North Cyprus, just ask your lawyer about submitting your Residency application during the property-purchase process. Please note that if you are just going to stay in your North Cyprus home for up to 30 days at a time, you do not require a Residency visa.

However, if you want to stay in North Cyprus for more than 30 days, you can apply for a residency visa. You must show that you have sufficient funds in a local North Cyprus bank account to sustain yourself (and your family, if applicable), as well as pass a basic blood test to rule out the presence of any significant diseases (the test is not required if you are over 60 years of age). Another reason why many international tourists pick North Cyprus as their second home or relocation is the simplicity with which they can apply for residence.

Because visa rules change at short notice, it is recommended that you contact the North Cyprus representative office or Turkish embassies in your country prior to your trip.

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