North Cyprus Rentals

North Cyprus Rentals

Renting a house in North Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist accommodations and provides the finest opportunities for leisure and comfort. There are several holiday property rental companies to assist tourists and investors in finding long and short-term rental properties, as well as finding renters for home owners and renting a car in North Cyprus.

Rental property prices vary based on the type of property and its location. Detailed information may be found on our website by selecting the rent option in the completed projects, ongoing projects search. Noyanlar Construction Company provides a diverse selection of rental homes, including villas and apartments by the sea, in high locations, in the city, economy, and exclusive alternatives.

north cyprus rentals
north cyprus rentals

North Cyprus Rentals and Rental Preferences

Property rental in North Cyprus is divided into two categories: short term (from one to six months), which is in high demand during the tourist season, and long term (six months or more), which is reserved for individuals who live in North Cyprus permanently.

North Cyprus rentals will be advantageous for you.

The cost of renting a short-term home varies based on the time of year and month. When renting a property for a lengthy period of time, the price of the property remains the same as stated in the rental agreement. Apartments and private villas are fully prepared for your visit: the property is rented out with everything you need for a peaceful stay.

If you decide to rent your home in North Cyprus after purchasing it, our experienced agents and representatives will assist you in finding tenants. Contact us after buying and owning a property from among our diverse projects in North Cyprus, you decide to rent it out for a long or short period of time.

You can also rent at Iskele, which is know as one of the touristic areas in the Northern Cyprus region. You can get more detailed information about Long Beach by clicking here.

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