North Cyprus medical tourism

medical tourism

Is North Cyprus an ideal place for medical tourism?

North Cyprus is an ideal place for In vitro fertilization (IVF) as well as health and medical tourism. North Cyprus medical tourism offers brand-new state-of-the-art medical, dental, and IVF facilities, as well as affordable costs and a pleasant atmosphere for recuperation.

medical tourism


An increasing number of people are hoping to combine a trip or vacation to the Mediterranean with the possibility to receive private medical, fertility/IVF treatments, cosmetic or general surgery, and dental treatments for a fraction of the cost in their home country. Many of these tourists usually come from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and other European countries, where surgery waitlists are long, private medical and dental treatment expenses (including dental implants) are costly, and some therapies are simply unavailable.

medical tourism

New hospitals in North Cyprus, such as the Near East University Hospital in Lefkosa (Nicosia) and IVF medical establishments like the Lefkosa IVF Centre, Dunya IVF, and Miracle IVF Centre, provide world-class treatments that are now on par with medical facilities in other established health tourism destinations like South Cyprus and other European countries.

Officials from the North Cyprus Ministry of Health signed an initial agreement with two important Swiss Medical Associations in the first half of January 2015, following which a joint North Cyprus-Swiss Medical Tourism Committee was formed. This will encourage future Swiss health tourism visitors while also allowing future technology, medical doctors, and other personnel exchanges between the two countries. In both North Cyprus and Switzerland, this is a win-win scenario for patients and medical services.

medical tourism

This guarantees that North Cyprus’ medical facilities have access to technology and equipment that is utilized elsewhere in Europe. It also relieves strain on some Swiss health services, and best of all, patients from Switzerland can benefit from lower-cost or even state-funded operations that are completed more swiftly and effectively in North Cyprus than in Switzerland.

North Cyprus is also an excellent place to recover from any sort of operation or dental procedure, whether you are recovering in a clinic, hospital bed, or hotel room. Hotel rates are relatively low, the temperature is nice, and private medical treatment is economical, especially with the pound and euro being strong against the Turkish Lira. Flights from the UK and other European countries are incredibly cheap and easy to purchase, especially outside of the summer tourist season.

When compared to the cost of the same treatment in the UK or elsewhere, the money saved on private medical or dental treatments in North Cyprus easily covers the cost of the flights and, in many cases, the accommodation as well. Many elderly patients find that the warm environment has a favorable influence on a range of illnesses, such as arthritis and asthma, and that it is also a fantastic climate for their recuperation.

Anyone intending to arrange their own medical or dental operation should investigate the credentials and references of the medical institution they are about to visit, as they should in any country. There is no need to be worried about a language barrier because all North Cyprus doctors speak English. The Near East University Hospital, for example, is part of a big university and has a great reputation.

Make sure you obtain a written quote right away. In other countries, standard examinations such as MRI and CT Scans may be obtained for a fraction of the cost. In Lefkosa (Nicosia), there are a lot of great private scanning companies, as well as excellent private and specialty medical clinics and laboratories in both Lefkosa and Girne (Kyrenia).

medical tourism

Residents of North Cyprus can also benefit from low-cost private healthcare. The increased number of state-of-the-art medical facilities in North Cyprus benefits more than only visitors. Many people who come for a vacation or a vacation coupled with a medical, cosmetic, or dental operation realize how beneficial it would be to live in North Cyprus for most of the year and decide to relocate there. While ex-pat residents in North Cyprus do not have access to a free government health service, the expenses are so cheap and the quality so excellent that, with or without pre-existing health insurance, good healthcare is affordable.

Whereas a patient in the UK or other European countries may have to wait weeks for an appointment with a specialist, in North Cyprus, a patient can walk into a hospital or private clinic, request an appointment with a specialist the same day, and pay as little as 40 euros for a comprehensive consultation with a medical expert. Tests are completed quickly, generally the same day, and results are delivered quickly via high-tech laboratories.

North Cyprus has exceptionally inexpensive prescription and drug/medicine expenses when compared to other countries. Pharmacies in North Cyprus function nearly like clinics for persons with mild diseases who do not require hospitalization, with all pharmacists proficient in English and able to offer a greater range of medications than in the United Kingdom.

medical tourism

If you suffer an accident or require hospital transportation in North Cyprus, there is an excellent service available. The 112 North Cyprus Ambulance Service, which was founded by a former British NHS Manager and paramedic, services both public and private hospitals, and all 112 ambulances are staffed by qualified paramedics. Medical emergencies and ambulance stations all around North Cyprus have quick response times. Overall, the prospects for international medical and health tourism in North Cyprus appear to be bright.

Finally, if you have a few more days available during your North Cyprus medical or IVF tourism visit, why not examine a few low-cost North Cyprus villas during your stay and turn this health tourism visit into the start of many years of wonderful vacations on the island.

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