North Cyprus luxury and eco-friendly homes


Are there luxury eco-friendly homes in North Cyprus?

As the discussion over climate change heats up, an increasing number of North Cyprus property buyers are looking for homes that are environmentally friendly or eco-friendly and designed in accordance with the island’s stunning natural surroundings. There is a new generation of environmentally conscious developers that are providing fantastic solutions. These are usually custom-built and hence offered off-plan or as the building progresses.


Many investors and would-be retirees arrive in North Cyprus convinced that buying a key-ready villa or apartment is the best option. These second home buyers arrive with a “wish list” of features they want in their new ready-to-move-in property in the Mediterranean, which frequently includes high-quality design, luxurious interior features, and ultra-modern, environmentally friendly design. Those with the highest standards, on the other hand, are increasingly failing to find all they are looking for in a key ready property and then wondering why they are leaving empty-handed.

North Cyprus eco-friendly properties ideally offer a combination of high-quality interior fittings; environmentally friendly features such as water recycling, under-floor heating, and environmentally acceptable construction materials; energy-saving features including high-quality insulation and passive solar design, which make the home cheaper to run and keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer; best plot position with sea view; ultra-modern custom design; reasonable payment terms, and more.

The fact that North Cyprus is a young and developing property market where design and build standards are improving and changing at a rapid pace, and where the market has only recently achieved the kind of ultra-modern property range more common in western European overseas property markets, is the key to why such homes are generally sold off-plan or under construction. Furthermore, North  Cyprus is a small island with restricted beachfront space. There just isn’t the same level of choice or development space available in larger Mediterranean countries. The “first wave” of development, which took place between 2005 and 2010, has essentially sold out. However, resales from this earlier “wave” may appear to be a good deal on paper, but they are typically not up to the level that our clients need now and may require refurbishment or refinishing. What is being built now is, on average, far greater in quality to older houses, even those built as recently as 7-8 years ago.


The good news is that North Cyprus is seeing a resurgence of creative property developers who are now custom-building Eco-homes with smart technology, extended solar features, water recycling, and under-floor heating at a fraction of the cost of similar homes in other regions. They are also geographically spreading into new development regions, literally opening up fresh sea-view vistas. North Cyprus developers prefer to use private funds rather than bank loans to construct luxury Eco-friendly homes, so they won’t build ten villas and then wait for you to come along and buy one. Instead, they build one display house at their own expense and then take custom design orders for off-plan property sales that are completed in less than a year and paid for either through build progress stage payments or by company payment plans.

This is a great opportunity to join in on the ground floor of a new wave of eco-friendly high-end properties in North Cyprus at a bargain price. This increases your chances of capital growth and allows you to choose the best plot in the new locations.


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