North Cyprus holiday and property rental guides


The population of the island, which is mostly a vacation destination, is made up of visitors and inhabitants of all countries, as well as local Turkish Cypriots. The pace of life is leisurely and easy, and despite the fact that sales to foreign purchasers are increasing every day, North Cyprus’ vast size allows it to accommodate a growing population without sacrificing the island’s charm and tranquility. You can read more about North Cyprus Lifestyle.

Activities in North Cyprus

North Cyprus offers a diverse range of activities and pleasures. There are hundreds of magnificent seaside and mountainside restaurants serving a wide variety of traditional and international cuisines. Explore majestic castles and historic structures like the Bellapais Byzantine Abbey and the Salamis ruins.

Nature walks, cycling, and running amid a magnificent mountain range or along old coastal roads and beaches are all options. Bowling, go-karting, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, paragliding, golf, and fishing are just a few of the activities available. There are over 50 opulent casinos, cutting-edge discos and music clubs, and a thriving music scene. International performers such as George Benson, Tom Jones, Randy Crawford, and Natalie Cole, to name a few, perform on a regular basis. A wide range of stores sell anything from charming handcrafted items to the most up-to-date furniture and decor.

North Cyprus boasts a long number of brand new hospitals, surgeries, and dental clinics, all equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Appointments can be made quickly, and the medical staff is extremely kind and accommodating, making you feel unique and important.

The North Cyprus property market

North Cyprus features a wide range of rental and purchase properties. Despite being a developing country, there is a large quantity of new residential and rental properties, as well as a strong stock of completed and mature resale properties. There are several really high-quality villas and apartments available.

Apartments start at £70,000 and villas start at £100,000 on average. These costs are usually half of what you would pay in Southern Cyprus, and they are definitely the cheapest in established Central Europe. Foreigners are welcome to acquire one property per person, and title documents are totally safe to own.

What currency is used in North Cyprus?

Although the Turkish Lira (TL) is the official currency, most international currencies and, of course, credit cards are accepted by all retailers.

Cost of living in North Cyprus

North Cyprus, in general, provides a great quality of life at a lesser cost than established Central European countries. Local food products and food produce such as fruit and vegetables, as well as local crafts, are normally cheaper; but, due to the high amount of import levies, commodities such as imported cars and electrical devices can be more expensive. Not only in comparison to the south of Cyprus but also to other Mediterranean countries, property prices and rents are extremely affordable.

Property rentals

Consider renting a house in North Cyprus before purchasing or merely for a vacation. In North Cyprus, You can find a great selection of villas and apartments. If you want to rent out your property in North Cyprus, it is easy to decide whether to do it yourself or hire a trusted and reputable management company. In most cases, these management companies provide a wide range of services with comprehensive information ranging from the likely level of rent to advertising and securing lettings, as well as ongoing administration of these lettings and the property.

Why should I purchase or rent in North Cyprus?

If you are considering relocating to North Cyprus, you may be weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of short-term rentals and purchasing a home right away. Both renting and buying a home in North Cyprus is simple, reasonable, and often trouble-free. As with any decision, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. You may click here to read our previous blog post which will assist you in determining whether you are prepared to forego the inconvenience of a rental period in favor of a more financially advantageous buy.

Before purchasing property in North Cyprus, you should make the following decisions:

  1. Is North Cyprus the ideal place for me to buy a home?
  2. If so, which part of North Cyprus or region is suitable for my property purchase?
  3. Which residential site/location within my chosen neighborhood would be the greatest to buy?
  4. After deciding on the location, which actual property should be chosen?
Reasons to buy instead of renting

If you are a frequent visitor to North Cyprus and have decided to make the island your future full or part-time home, buying your future home sooner rather than later has numerous advantages over renting, even if you have not yet decided on a specific area.

Property values are growing; make the most of your investment

Prices are rapidly rising in certain key residential locations. If you rent for a year, you may discover that your savings for a future purchase are insufficient for the type of property you want. This can result in a lot of disappointment.

Purchase your home with your monthly payments

It makes sense to pay a monthly installment to buy your property rather than paying rent, especially now that low-interest, 10-year, 50 percent bank mortgages are available for international buyers. On some new construction properties, developer loans of up to 75% for 10 years are available.

The high demand for property near English schools in North Cyprus

If you are relocating to enroll your child or children in one of the great English schools (English School of Kyrenia, Necat British College, or Girne American University Schools), it is recommended that you purchase rather than rent a home once you have made your school choice. Because of the high demand in these places, prices are rapidly rising, and if you opt to rent initially, you may find yourself priced out of the market entirely.

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