North Cyprus healthcare system

north cyprus healthcare system

North Cyprus healthcare system

If you require medical assistance, North Cyprus provides you with a choice of state-run or public hospitals and clinics. All of your medical treatment in North Cyprus will be paid for by you. In addition, North Cyprus has excellent private healthcare and hospital facilities, with new centres such as the Near East University Hospital and Medical School boasting world-class equipment and treatment options. Some private hospitals have a membership program for expatriates, where you can pick a level of yearly membership that enables you access to medical treatments at discounted rates.

healthcare system in north cyprus

Moreover, you should think about getting private medical insurance. If you are above the age of 70, however, getting a private plan from a local insurer is nearly difficult. Some ex-pats take out international health insurance cover. However, this is usually fairly expensive. You may wish to obtain insurance with a high excess to cover just the most expensive misfortunes and pay for smaller procedures out of your pocket. Your monthly insurance costs will be lower in this situation, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected in the event of a critical emergency.

Obtaining Emergency Health Insurance from some of the local insurance companies is a possibility if you are under the age of 70. Most emergency plans are inexpensive and will cover you in the majority of medical emergencies. Before you sign up, be sure you understand what your plan covers in the event of an emergency. With the cost of healthcare in North Cyprus already being quite inexpensive, you may find this to be the best alternative. You can also choose not to have insurance at all, and instead pay per visit to see a specialist if you believe your chances of being extremely ill or needing emergency surgery are minimal.

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All hospitals in North Cyprus have English-speaking personnel in their emergency departments. They do, however, advise that you use an interpreter for more complicated medical issues. Emergency medical care is provided in the Accident and Emergency department. An ambulance can be reached by dialing 112 in the case of an emergency. Make your way to the nearest hospital or health care center for quick treatment (this is the best option).

North Cyprus pharmacies are known for selling practically every prescription substance you can think of over the counter. Prescription and over-the-counter medicines made in Turkey are frequently cheaper than those made in the United Kingdom, although pharmaceuticals imported from Europe are typically more expensive.

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