North Cyprus festivals


What are the famous North Cyprus festivals?

The major festivals in North Cyprus take place across different months of the year. Other festivals/events are promoted at short notice, so after you have settled in, inquire about them or check the notice boards for any details.


Children’s Festival (Famagusta) — this festival lasts around a month and features a variety of activities for children. Only a few places in North Cyprus, the Karpaz area, and the village of Tepebasi in Guzelyurt, host the Tepebasi Village wild tulip festival (and some orchid species). The “Avtepe Medosan Tulip Festival” is held every year. The lovely town of Karpaz Yenierenköy has a lot of historical and cultural significance. The event is organized in collaboration with the municipality. There is also the Festival of Underwater Photography and Film in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Friends of Music Association of North Cyprus organizes the International Spring Concerts (dates vary), which are particularly popular among “classical music” fans. These concerts, which take place every year in April and May in the Medieval Temple Bellapais Monastery, are not to be missed.


Ozankoy Flower Festival is usually held in early May, which includes a book festival, crafts, souvenirs, and crafts, painting, and photography competitions. Music performances live and dried flower arrangements, flower, fruit, and vegetable cultivation, and culinary and beverage contests are all part of this fantastic event.

Lapta Council’s HisarKoy Orchid Festival, held in April in Hisarkoy, is spectacular for flower lovers.

Each year in early May, the Silk Event of Cyprus features seminars, workshops, crafts and art exhibitions, slide displays, music performances, folklore shows, and nature tours. The festival lasts three days.

North Cyprus is located on the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, the Bellapais International Music Festival brings together a diverse group of composers and performers from across the world. It is located in Bellapais Abbey, which dates back to the 12th century. Every year in May, the Pekmez (molasses) Festival in Ozankoy takes place; do not be put off by the name; it is truly about the ‘Carob’ fruit. The Büyükkonuk Eco-Tourism Festival is hosted at Büyükkonuk village (on route to the Karpaz). This event is on rural life in the area, as well as environmental issues. From May through October, a festival is held in the village every third Sunday, weather permitting.


Gazimagusa (Famagusta) International Art & Culture Festival (lasts about two weeks around mid-June) Iskele International Folk Dance Festival (lasts about two weeks around mid-June). The festival, which takes place near Salamis Antique Theatre, is of international repute and features a wide range of cultural arts events. Cesaria Evora, Boney M, Monica Molina, Goran Bregovic, Vicente Amigo, Weather Girls, Amelita Baltar Tango Diva, Roby Lakatos, Los Paraguayos, Aswad, Paco Pena and his ensemble, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Compania Aida Gomez, Giora Feidman, Viktorio Tolstoy, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet

The Lapta Tourism Festival is usually held in early June and lasts 3-4 days, providing something for everyone, including visiting dance groups from other countries as well as local talent and products to see and buy. If you are hungry, you can buy a range of local dishes and drinks. It generally begins about 8:30 p.m. during the colder hours of the day.


Since 1977, the Guzelyurt Municipality has held an annual orange festival in June and July. You can taste the world-famous North Cyprus oranges while listening to music and watching art activities and contests take place throughout the festival.

İskele Festival usually takes place in the first week of June and lasts for around ten to twelve days. Dance performances, contests, and cultural and sporting events are all part of the festival. A fair and colorful opening ceremony is usually held.

Aswad, Los Paraguayos, and the Berlin Art Ensemble have all performed in the International Bellapais Music Festival, which is part of the Famagusta International Festival. It is rightfully regarded as the greatest festival in the Mediterranean. The event takes place in Famagusta between June and July.

The International Cyprus Theatre Festival is a festival of theatre that takes place in Nicosia, Famagusta, and Kyrenia venues, including the Salamis Theatre and the Ataturk Cultural Centre, from mid-August to the beginning of September. Miss Pearl of Europe pageant has been held in Nicosia at numerous locations.


North Cyprus International Music & Theatre Festival is a diverse array of music is presented in ancient locations such as Bellapais Monastery, Salamis Amphitheatre, and Kyrenia Castle, including chamber music, symphonic rock, chorus, flamenco, tango, and recitals. Kyrenia International Olive Festival is the Olive Festival organized by the Municipality of Kyrenia in the village of Zeytinlik to promote and support olive production as well as improve Kyrenia’s tourism potential. This yearly festivity, which takes place in early October and lasts around 10-12 days, incorporates Cypriot and Turkish dance, costumed parades, flags from all over the world, and lots of food and drink.


International “Salsa Jam In Cyprus” Event is a festival that brings together musicians and DJs from over 30 nations for three days of stage acts, as the name implies. The last event ended with a tremendous musical feast. The Büyükkonuk Eco-Tourism Festival is hosted at Büyükkonuk village (on route to Karpaz). This event is on rural life in the area, as well as environmental issues. From May through October, a festival is held in the village every third Sunday, if weather permits.

The Kyrenia Jazz Festival takes place in December at Rocks Hotels. Year after year, this event grows in popularity, attracting famous musicians to thrill the numerous jazz aficionados in North Cyprus.

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