North Cyprus Covid-19 Travel Advise


North Cyprus Covid-19 Travel Advise

People visiting North Cyprus must complete the TRNC Passenger app and provide all required documents. The app is downloadable via the following

The form should be filled out on a mobile device rather than a laptop or desktop computer since the app uses your phone’s camera to upload the documents, which does not function on a laptop or desktop. The form is provided in English; please note that the Arrival Country field refers to the country from which you are departing, not the country to which you are arriving.

You will be required to submit your vaccination certificates (this should be the official certificate with the QR code) and your PCR test results once you have completed the form.

If you are unable to upload your documents, do not worry; you may print the form and attach your documents to it, which you will need to produce when you arrive in North Cyprus. When photographing your documents, keep your camera focused on the QR code, as this is what the system is looking for. Also, if possible, perform it in a well-lit place or use your phone torch to aid.

north cyprus covid-19 travel advise
north cyprus covid-19 travel advise

North Cyprus Covid-19 Forum Posting and After

After you have submitted your form successfully, you will be allowed to save it as a PDF, which you can then print. The completed entry form, which includes a QR code for use with the island’s adapass system, is displayed below. If you were unable to upload your documents, you should still fill out the rest of the form and print it out to speed up the border crossing procedure.

The system went live on September 6th, 2021; however, travelers will be able to enter North Cyprus until September 27th without having to register. You must bring hard copies of your evidence of vaccination and PCR test if you do not register on the system. If at all feasible, it is recommended that you register on the system since you will require the QR code to scan when entering restaurants, pubs, and other places.

Anyone visiting the island who needs to quarantine at home with an electronic wristband is reminded that they must first pay for their electronic wristband at before downloading the Guvende Kal (Stay Safe) application. After travelers pay for the wristband, they will receive a code that must be entered into the system to activate the Guvende Kal application.

The Guvende Kal and kktckarantina applications will be incorporated into the Adapass system, allowing tourists to access with ease. The option to recognize their PCR tests within the Adapass system will be implemented as a development for tourists visiting the island after September 6th.

You can have a problem-free travel by making the applications in the text of the North Cyprus Covid-19 recommendation.

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