New Office from Noyanlar to Karpaz


            Noyanlar Group of Companies has landed in Dipkarpaz, which is known for its sea, nature, historical texture and naturalness, to prepare for new investment projects, the new office will begin to serve the region very soon.


Adding value to our island with its investments, Noyanlar Group of Companies is planning investment opportunities in the virgin region of Dipkarpaz, located in the east of the island of Cyprus.

Noyanlar Group of Companies directors and staff went to Dipkarpaz, which has an increasing tourism potential, and made examinations and evaluations in the region and heralded the new office.

During the visit to Dipkarpaz, Noyanlar Group of Companies Board Members, Foreign Marketing Officer and Sales Director Zarif Noyan, Noyanlar Group of Companies Deputy Sales Director Doğa Noyan and personnel responsible for sales and marketing were present.
Making a speech during the visit, Zarif Noyan stated that Noyanlar Group of Companies has new investment projects in Yenierenköy and Karpaz region and said that they are conducting investigations in Dipkarpaz to make preparations for this.


Tourism potential is increasing

The tourism potential of this region, which attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists, is increasing. Thanks to the warm climate of the island of Cyprus, eco-tourism, trekking, yoga, cycling activities, country running and religious tourism activities for the Apostolos Andreas Monastery are carried out in every season, especially in Dipkarpaz.
Accommodation in tourism facilities in Dipkarpaz also contributes to the region and the people of the region.
It is planned that 80 thousand tourists will visit the region by the end of the year, both by channeling the tours to the region and by the arrival of foreign tourists.


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