Noyanlar Construction

Our Mission

Our objectives set the course for the company’s further success. Customers satisfaction is by far the most crucial goal for our company’s success. With the goal of ensuring customers satisfaction, w e don’t strive to outperform our competition; Instead, we aim to create architectural works that speak for us.

Our Vision

Our vision defines the concept of doing business, leading to the realization of long-term strategies and goals. Noyanlar Group of Companies’ “4P”:

  • People
  • Projects
  • Partners
  • Performance

Why Noyanlar?

In an ever-changing world, our lifestyles, values, and needs are all subject to change. However, there is an essential aspect of human life that should provide a sense of comfort and security, and that is your home. We put forth all our efforts while developing new projects to ensure that your home provides you with a sense of comfort, peace, and security.

Our quality relationship with our employees consists of respect for each other, equality and trust between us.

Under this solid half-century roof, tradition is combined with innovation. We create our future by carefully placing contemporary and progressive approaches on the foundation of our deep-rooted and permanent values. We work to make visible contributions to our employees, business partners and customers with our constantly learning and developing structure.

Our Values

Our values ​​serve as the “cornerstone” for decisions and actions.

  • Customization
  • Satisfaction
  • quality
Code of Ethics and Culture

The Noyanlar Group of Companies is rapidly solidifying its position as a development company on the international real estate market, recognizing the value of quality and trust. Without essential values ​​that consolidate the decades of existence, our reputation and successful progress would be unthinkable.

The Noyanlar Code of Ethics is guided by fundamental principles that help build a harmonious working environment within our organization and its team.

Our Principles

Employees – We build relationships with our employees based on trust and equality, with mutual respect as the essential factor.

Customers – We strive to understand, pay attention to, and care for our customers, not just to fulfill their needs but to surpass all of their expectations.

Competitors – We welcome healthy competition by acting openly and honestly.

Environment – We are concerned about the environment and use eco-friendly materials. We provide active support to public authorities by equipping beyond the immediate area of ​​our objects to include public places.

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