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north cyprus

FAQ about travel to North Cyprus

What is the general information about travel to North Cyprus? If you intend to visit North Cyprus for travel, business, among other purposes, this piece offers you valuable guides. Provided that they meet the travel and immigration requirements and are not deemed ineligible to enter the country, foreign visitors to North Cyprus may be issued a visa for up to 90 days, according to the purpose of visit and...

north cyprus residency permit

How can I apply for a North Cyprus visa or residency permit?

North Cyprus is one of the world's most hospitable countries, and visas or residency permits are simple to get, whether for short vacations or trips or permanent residence if you decide to make North Cyprus your new home. Most tourists will get an automatic 30-day visitor visa upon arrival at the Ercan International Airport, the Cyprus crosspoints on the border from the south of Cyprus, or the Kyrenia...

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