It’s the turn of the 3rd Generation, in Noyanlar

Doğa Noyan: “I have many goals to achieve”

Doğa Noyan, 22, who is just at the beginning of her career in business, stated that she has many goals that she wants to achieve as the child of an entrepreneurial family. One of the leading names in the construction industry, Noyanlar Group of Companies, which was founded by Gökhan Noyan half a century ago and developed by his son Ahmet Noyan and his wife Zarif Noyan, is now moving forward with more energy and bigger goals with the inclusion of the third generation. Doğa Noyan, one of the new generation managers of the Noyanlar Group of Companies, draws attention with her achievements in the fields of education and sports, and is one of the things that will make a name for herself in business life thanks to her determination and goals, even though she is at the beginning of the road. Doğa Noyan told North Cyprus UK Newspaper how she developed herself from a young age, the importance of hobbies as well as hard work, her role models and the plans she wants to realize.

N.C. UK: You are the third generation in the Noyanlar Group of Companies, which adds value to İskele and its surroundings. Could you tell us about Doğa Noyan so that our readers can get to know you better?

D.N.: I was born on January 31, 2000 in Famagusta. I started my education at Doğu Akdeniz Primary School and then completed my secondary and high school education at Doğu Akdeniz Doğa Koleji. I completed my undergraduate life at Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of International Trade and Management. After graduation, I will start my graduate studies and continue my education. I see improving myself in my field and learning new things as a good investment in my future. While continuing my education, I will continue to contribute to our company at the same time. It has always been among my dreams to be a part of our company since I was a child. As the company grew, I realized that I was growing too. I will always support the future of our company and its further strengthening. In this process, with my other two brothers İbrahim and Gökhan joining me, we will be able to move forward with much more confidence. As a third generation member of a half-century old company, it will always be our first goal to move our company forward.

N.C. UK: How did your story with the company begin?

D.N.: This story begins with my curiosity. Our office was still in Famagusta, I used to visit my parents when I came back from school. I was wondering what they are doing. While they were at this intense pace, I actually started to analyze the environment. With the increase in our projects, I could better understand why my parents took such care. I started my work life at the age of 17. I have come this far by getting information little by little from every department in our company. During the summer vacation, I started to contribute to the company, making use of my free time and improving myself. Today, while working as an assistant to the sales director in our company, I also take responsibility in the digital marketing/social media department and support sales. I still care about continuous improvement in order to be able to support most departments in our company.

N.C. UK: Did your grandfather who founded your company when you were growing up, did you take your parents who took the company further as your role models? How does it feel to be the son of an entrepreneurial family?

D.N.: I would like to start by stating that I have always taken my grandfather, father, and mother as an example myself. If you have a successful company in front of you today, it is their success. It makes me very proud that they are able to get into business life from a young age and leave behind many difficult processes and come to these days. It also increases my enthusiasm and passion for my job even more. My grandfather has always been a successful example and never gave up, even though he had a great illness at a young age. He has been an inspiration not only to me but also to many young people in every success he has achieved in sports, art, and profession. Being the child of an entrepreneurial family is a very special and beautiful feeling. This is something that makes me proud as well as encourages me to be successful like them. The fact that they are proud of me is actually one of the biggest success criteria for me.

N.C. UK: Is it a sign that you will add some innovations and differences to the company, as a new generation joins the management of Noyanlar Group of Companies?

D.N.: Absolutely YES. I am just at the beginning of the road and I have many goals that I want to achieve. The more knowledge we have, the more successful we will be. That is why I believe in lifelong learning and always improving. The right time and the right steps are very important. For this, a short and long-term plan is needed. It has always been my biggest choice in life to focus on the big picture instead of the small picture. I believe that everything will be achieved by working with patience and determination.

N.C. UK: You just came out of an education period that just ended, how was your school life and what did you do to improve yourself?

D.N.: The first years of my school life were very good. I just got used to it, now I’m at university, but suddenly I found myself closed at home and faced with the situation brought by Covid 19. I tried my best not to lose my motivation. But with the increasing number of cases and the fact that there was no change in the online system, I couldn’t stand it and said to my family, “I’m starting to work now and I want to devote myself completely to my work.” In this process, I took both online classes and started to put what I read into practice. I have completed one year since I started working with our company and I say, ‘I’m glad I used my university time’. It has given me incredible experiences in a year and I am getting more and more excited to be at the beginning of the road.

N.C. UK: What do you do besides work? We know you are active in cycling and running. Do these pursuits motivate you? Can you talk about your hobbies?

D.N.: First of all, although there are many motivating factors for me right now, I can easily say that these efforts are among the first three. I love finding success in everything I do. I am very excited to progress slowly in line with my goals in sports. I sincerely thank my mother for encouraging me to do sports and my teachers who make me love sports every day. I’ve been cycling actively, swimming, and jogging for about 5 months. The combination of these three branches is called a triathlon. My current goal is to complete the triathlon race with the best rank. I like to set difficult goals. Since my childhood, I have had different sports experiences. I started with volleyball and continued with equestrian sports. Afterwards, at the insistence of my parents, we can start cycling and say ‘I fell in love’. In addition to my passion for sports, playing the piano and drawing are among my main hobbies.

N.C. UK: When we look at you, we see that you have a very positive personality and high energy. To what do you owe this?

D.N.: The observations of my friends and family have always been in this direction. We can say that I owe this feature to my mother, who always gives energy to her surroundings, is helpful, positive, empathizes and cares to the fullest, and revives me even in my lowest mode. I’m glad there is and I’m glad it is always with me.

N.C. UK: Finally, what would you like to say to other entrepreneurs like you who are in the management of big companies at a young age? Do you have any suggestions for them?

D.N.: No matter what age we are or what level of experience we have, the key to success is in our hands by hard work. It is not enough to just want too much. But our whole life cannot be spent working. That is why it is very important for us to have our own hobbies and time. Finally, for those who entered the business world at a young age; I congratulate them for adding experience, color, broad perspective, discipline, and many other things to their lives in this way and wish them success always.


Source: Noyanlar’da sıra, 3. Nesilde

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