İskele Long Beach North Cyprus


İskele’s Long Beach in North Cyprus

If you go north from Famagusta, you will finally arrive in the holiday resort of İskele, also known as Trikomo in Greek. As a remembrance of the transfer of people from the Turkish Cypriot area İskele in the city of Larnaca on the island’s south coast, the settlement is labeled Yeni İskele, which means “New İskele” in Turkish. In 1974, the Turkish Cypriots living there were forced to evacuate their houses, settling in Trikomo, which they eventually renamed.


İskele is a small town that is slowly expanding, with numerous new condo developments along the shore. You may witness wild donkeys and turtles that lay eggs in the national park area Karpaz, which is located on the island’s easternmost tip, from İskele. On the road to Karpaz, you will travel via the peaceful fishing hamlet of Bogaz, which is worth a visit, as well as the Bafra beach strip, where you can stay in one of the five-star luxury hotels. In this part of North Cyprus, there are numerous small villages to explore, each one distinctive in its own way.

The 16th century church of St. James and the İskele Icon Museum are both located in the town center (Panagia Theotokos Church). Every year, İskele hosts an international folk dance festival that draws a large number of tourists. İskele is most known for its lengthy stretches of golden sand. Long Beach is without a doubt one of the most popular beaches in North Cyprus. With smooth sand, sun loungers, and beach bars, it spans for kilometers down the coast. It also boasts a palm-lined promenade and children’s play areas.


Long Beach Resort is a cozy hotel where you can stay for a few days if you wish to visit Long Beach. The hotel has earned positive ratings on the travel forum TripAdvisor, and the surrounding is quaint, almost like a small vacation hamlet, with white cottages with blue doors. A spacious patio overlooks the sea at the restaurant. Consider how much beauty Long Beach has to display here. All of the beaches, as well as ancient attractions such as the remains of Salamis and the St. Barnabas Monastery. North Cyprus is certainly a one-of-a-kind location.


The holiday resort of İskele is also near to the north shore, which can be reached by traversing the Beşparmak mountain range. Up there, visitors can explore the ruins of Kantara Castle while being mesmerized by the breathtaking Mediterranean views. Ercan Airport is around a 45-minute drive from İskele.


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