İskele Long Beach area of North Cyprus

This location has a distinct Miami breeze. The vivid blue of the Mediterranean Sea, its pristine beach, palm trees surrounding the road, and the İskele Long Beach projects lined up to the opposite lane.

İskele Long Beach area as popular holiday destination

Long Beach is the most popular attraction in İskele, a fast-growing suburb in North Cyprus that was built from the ground up. İskele is the place to go if you want to know which area of North Cyprus smells like a holiday. If you ask someone on the street where İskele is, they would most likely point you in the direction of Long Beach.

Due to the great demand from locals and foreign investors, both the tourist and construction sectors continue to thrive in Iskele. Most individuals who visit İskele for vacation also crown it by purchasing a property in one of the Long Beach housing projects.

i̇skele long beach area
i̇skele long beach area

Many construction companies in İskele are completing projects in the Long Beach area. When presented with suitable payment arrangements, sea-neighboring projects sell out quickly. That is why Long Beach is the most well-known and visited destination in the region.

The Long Beach region provides a diverse range of activities, from shopping to health, from fish restaurants to public transportation, bicycle routes to water parks.

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