Is it Profitable to Rent Out Your North Cyprus Property?

is it profitable to rent out your north cyprus property

Is it profitable to rent out your North Cyprus property?

There are fantastic opportunities for property investors who wish to earn rental income in North Cyprus, with a projection of North Cyprus property investment attaining an average rental return of over 10% per year.

The percentage of projected rental income is dependent on the types of property, the facilities provided, the location, and the season. The profit may also differ according to the standards of furniture and other equipment in the property. It is also important to note that the average income earnings from North Cyprus property differ according to the two main types of rentals, which could either be for holiday letting or all-year letting. All-year rentals provide a smaller percentage of investment returns than holiday rentals, but they are a more “hassle-free” and dependable investment.

The rental income also depends on whether the property would be available for all-year (four-seasons) rentals or the owner intends to put the property into personal use during some seasons of the year. Most property owners consider holiday rental income as a return on investment and a nonstop contribution toward the continuing costs of ownership.

If you are expecting an all-year rental income, it is then advised that you look for a holiday property with an indoor heated swimming pool when buying property for investment purposes. Alternatively, consider a property near the city that can generate year-round rental income.

is it profitable to rent out your north cyprus property 2
is it profitable to rent out your north cyprus property

Is it profitable to rent out your North Cyprus property?

Visitors coming to North Cyprus for holiday in the winter season would either be needing a city break or would want access to an indoor swimming pool. If you have a beachfront or near-beach home on a shared site with no indoor swimming pool, you will rarely earn rental income in the winter season.

The good news is that if you buy a suitable property, you can make a great profit from your holiday rental apartment or villa. However, making a wise choice when investing in North Cyprus property earns you a higher profit. Although holiday rentals may earn you more income than all-year rentals if you invest wisely. Your property should also suit the standard and preferences of holidaymakers in terms of access to facilities.

A property that is located within walking distance to stores, restaurants, bars, and other amenities has a better chance of being rented. Some tourists may prefer not to rent a car at all and even if they do, it is a huge plus for your property to be sited around such facilities. A property with a shared or private swimming pool is essential for a good holiday rental business. The more recreational facilities available within and around your property, the more attractive it becomes to tourists and other home seekers.

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