Is İskele Long Beach a splendor place to visit?


Is İskele Long Beach a splendor place to visit?

North Cyprus is located south of Anatolia and is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean region. The foster land, or paradise island, is another name for it. North Cyprus is a tourist-appealing island with a wonderful Mediterranean climate, amazing beaches, and four seasons of natural beauty and history.

i̇skele long beach

Long Beach, which stands out as an example of North Cyprus’s rising value, is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, with its long coastline, rising new structures, and recreational facilities. With its steady stream of new residential projects, İskele Long Beach, which is rapidly expanding in value, attracts attention. The area provides comfortable living spaces with endless service quality for tourists and potential investors. İskele Long Beach is one of the most attractive locations for individuals looking to invest.

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