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What you should do during your North Cyprus holiday

A number of travel and tourism agencies organize excursions around North Cyprus for individuals who do not want to rent a car or drive excessively. With a fantastic day out in the mountains, inland, and on the shore, you will experience North Cyprus from a whole new perspective.

north cyprus

Experience traditional Cypriot village life and culture, sample local handmade products, tour traditional homes and sites, meet locals, and relax while breathing in the pure mountain air and pondering modern life. The perfect way to explore Kyrenia’s beauty is by spending quality time around the crystal pure blue waters, kilometers of gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking shades of green from the Five Finger Mountains. Famagusta, a seaport in North Cyprus was once upon a time, the world’s wealthiest metropolis and fortified harbor… Shakespeare chose Famagusta as the setting for Othello… Miles of beautiful sandy beaches, unspoiled countryside, history, stunning landscape, and distinctive species are revered by all Cypriots.

North Cyprus has remained one of the most unspoiled and developing regions of the Mediterranean due to a history of political and economic isolation. As a result, North Cyprus has some of the cleanest, least polluted, and least commercialized beaches in the Mediterranean. Your breath will be taken away by the crystal pure waters.

Most beaches have an entrance fee, but they provide umbrellas, which allow you to stay in the sun longer, as well as restrooms. The nicest beaches, on the other hand, are those with no facilities, are free, and are completely secluded – you can be the only ones there.

north cyprus

Camalot Beach is a wonderful sandy tiny cove located about 15-20 minutes (1.5 kilometers) from Kyrenia. This beach features highly safe swimming sections for little children, as well as water sports, a bar, and a restaurant. This beach will not let you down. Lapta Incirli Beach and Roses Beach, both sandy and with only a small shack providing food and beverages, are only a 5-minute (2-kilometer) drive west of Kyrenia. Karsiyaka Beach is a 10-minute drive west, followed by Horseshoe Bay, which is a rocky beach but great for swimming. Both locations are breathtakingly gorgeous. Both beaches have no facilities, which is not necessary given the stunning scenery. The first stretch of the seaside promenade, which is roughly 3 kilometers long and terminates in Alsancak, was recently completed. So you can have a peaceful stroll before catching a ‘dolmus’ back to Kyrenia. Alsancak Council Beach (2.5 km), Deniz Kizi Beach (2.5 km), Golden Bay Beach (2.5 m), Escape Beach (3 km), and Kervansaray Beach are all about 5-10 minutes driving east of Kyrenia ( 4 km). These beaches are all sandy and have amenities. Kervansaray Beach features a wonderful snack bar, which is a great place to watch the sunset, and it is also where Amphora Scuba Diving is based. Alagadi (Turtle Beach), Lara Beach, Acapulco Beach, and Diana Beach are just a few of the beaches to the east of Kyrenia. Famagusta and Bafra both have a lovely array of sandy beaches if you don’t mind driving out.

There are miles and miles of golden sand beaches just waiting to be explored. Karpaz will transport you to a world you will never forget with its magnificent beauty and unspoiled virgin nature. The beaches of Karpaz are regarded as the greatest in both North and South Cyprus.

The geography of North Cyprus provides for a range of wonderful walks in various terrains, including mountain walks, coastal walks, and interior hikes. Locals consider the Karpaz peninsula to be a genuine delight because it is the least developed portion of the island, which adds to its allure. The environment can be breathtaking, and you can feel as if you are the only one on this tropical island. In this area of the island, there is still a strong sense of the past.

The Five Finger Mountains, Alevkayas, Laphetos (lapta), Kozan, Kantara, Salamis (Famagusta), and Kalkanli (Guzelyurt) are all well worth a trip through beautiful scenery on calm mountain routes that lead to imposing Crusader castles. Another amazing experience is visiting Kyrenia’s harbor front and small charming back streets.

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Orchids attract the interest of all nature lovers because of their uniqueness and beauty. The orchid flora of North Cyprus includes 23 known species, subspecies, and variants, as well as three or five more whose presence has to be varified. Some species, such as the pyramidal orchid and autumn lady’s tresses, will be recognizable to botanists from northern Europe, but there are also more exotic species such as violet limodore, tongue-flowered serapias, naked man orchid, and others. Although more vigilant botanists will find these and other orchid species more frequently, it is believed that they are isolated and hence always a joy when stumbled upon.

North Cyprus Scuba Diving and Water Sports

North Cyprus welcomes you to the Mediterranean’s intriguing and distinct underwater environment. You will find crystal-clear, unpolluted water with untouched aquatic life. The underwater visibility can be more than 30 meters. Sting rays, amber jacks, scorpions, bream, grouper, cuckoo, wrasse, and the occasional sea turtle can all be found in the deep and warm blue water. Additionally, the underwater environment is an excellent habitat for octopus and moray eels, as well as colorful sponges, corals, and old treasures. Over twenty diving sites are available east and west of Kyrenia, as well as diving excursions to other parts of the coast. These are spots that will excite experienced divers, while the warm, clear water and shallow depth provide ideal learning conditions for beginners. You can go wreck diving at a spot where, in the 1960s, one of the world’s oldest shipwrecks — 2 300 years old and dating from Alexander the Great’s time – was discovered. The ship’s excavated hull, as well as its cargo of amphora and millstones, are displayed in a separate museum at Kyrenia Castle. The Kervansaray-based Amphora Scuba Diving Center is also working in North Cyprus’ Almond Holiday Village.

Aside from scuba diving, several local beaches, including Escape Beach, offer a variety of water sports, including jet skiing, water skiing, wind surfing, parascending, and banana rides. Boat tours can be arranged from Kyrenia’s harbor, including private charters, daily sailings, and fishing trips.

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Golf in North Cyprus

The CMC Golf course in North Cyprus is merely a 30-minute drive west of Kyrenia, North Cyprus. It is situated on the Guzelyurt to Leftke road near the hamlet of Yesilyurt. Cengiz Topel Golf Course is the first golf course in North Cyprus, bordering the magnificent seashore and picturesque surroundings. It is open every day to the public. Clubs may be hired at the clubhouse, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are the ideal days to gather and play with the locals. There is a small green fee.

Korineum Golf Club — North Cyprus’ only 18-hole international green golf course. This course is located on the Esentepe hills, overlooking the Mediterranean shore, and is approximately 40 minutes east of Kyrenia, North Cyprus. This course, which opened in January 2007, was meticulously designed to meet your every need while maintaining the highest European standards.  In Lapta, North Cyprus, there are lawn bowls. The Olive Press will offer a superb outdoor bowling facility for both expert bowlers and those who are new to the game. In North Cyprus, it is the first of its kind. This sport attracts new guests to try, with a licensed bar and café for those who just want to watch.

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Caretta-Caretta (Sini Kaplumbagasi) and Chelonia-Mydas are the two primary varieties of sea turtles that nest along the North Cyprus coastlines (Yesil Kaplumbaga). They are both categorized as endangered species and must be protected at all costs. Since 1992, the Marine Turtle Research Group has conducted an annual study, tracking the turtle’s activities throughout the summer months in collaboration with the Society for the Protection of Turtles in Northern Cyprus and the Department for Environmental Protection. You can experience this unique occasion with the crew in Alagadi Beach, which is only a 30-minute drive east of Kyrenia, North Cyprus. Join the turtle lovers at Alagadi’s “The Goat Shed” just before sunset. After receiving information on the turtles and the project, you will be brought down to one of the two Alagadi bays as darkness falls. While the students survey the beaches, you will wait there. You are permitted to visit the nesting site in silence after a female has begun to lay eggs. (Photoflashes are not permitted at this crucial moment.) The small hatchlings emerge from the surface of their sandy nests after around 50 days. This is another fantastic experience that takes place on one of North Cyprus’ forty nesting beaches.

Witnessing up to a hundred of these incredible little animals, measuring no more than 6-7 cm long, struggle their way from the nest down to the water is an extraordinary sight. Only one in a thousand survive, which is a tragic fact. Even fewer would live if it were not for the particular conversation project about this endangered species that is taking place here in North Cyprus. The end of June and the beginning of July are the greatest periods to see the nesting. The greatest time to see the hatching is towards the end of August and the beginning of September.

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