How unique is North Cyprus vacations


The uniqueness of North Cyprus vacations

North Cyprus may just be the destination for you if you are seeking stunning beaches, countless activities, historical places, or simply pure relaxation during your vacations. With so much to see and do during your visit, it is no surprise that millions of people visit each year to partake in the wonders of this wonderful place. You will never want to leave North Cyprus due to its natural beauty and spectacular mountain and sea views.


Alternatives for lodging

Though the majority of tourists visit Kyrenia, it is not the only city where you can discover hotels and lodging alternatives of all kinds. North Cyprus has grown in popularity in the tourism business, with new hotels opening almost every other month.

There is definitely something for everyone, whether you are searching for more budget-friendly hotels or luxury and elegance in every inch of a facility. Choose from beachfront hotels or choose to stay inland, where you will be closer to a plethora of eateries and cafés eager to serve you local nibbles and cuisines.


Go on an adventure!

If you choose to spend your vacation in North Cyprus, one thing is certain, you will not be bored. There are always experiences and things to indulge in and spend your days with, from water sports to touring the distinctive structures and historic locations.

Begin your day by visiting the Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum, where you can see the oldest Greek ship that has yet to be unearthed. Discover various items discovered on board the ship, as well as a film of the divers salvaging the wreckage and its many unusual artifacts. Then, to get a genuine sense of what North Cyprus is all about, travel to Kyrenia Harbour and take in the spectacular views of both the mountains and the sea. Admire the scores of ships as well as the various interesting and ancient structures that dot the landscape.

End your day at one of the town’s numerous restaurants, where you may sample the delectable local food. Meet some of the nice residents and reflect on what a great day you have had.


Beaches to Explore

A journey to this region of the globe would be incomplete without at least a few visits to some of the breathtakingly stunning beaches that dot the island. Jet skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, or simply digging your toes into the warm sands are all options available at each beach you visit.

Just a few kilometers east of Kyrenia, you will discover a beach crowded with sunbathers and lounge chairs where you can relax and soak up the sun. Despite being owned by a hotel, Acapulco Beach is a site where you will not regret paying a little admission charge to spend a whole day enjoying its facilities and unlimited entertainment.

Denizkizi Beach, commonly known as Mermaid Beach, is located just west of Kyrenia and is ideal for people seeking a quieter beach atmosphere while yet having access to the same water activities as Acapulco Beach.

If you are searching for a nighttime beach area, head to Escape Beach & Club, which appears to be the place to be for those wishing to sip a drink while taking in the fresh ocean air.

Whatever beach you choose to visit during your vacation, you will undoubtedly find that each one is tempting and difficult to leave after a day spent in the Mediterranean’s crystal blue and warm seas.


Diverse activities

Though it is simple to stick to the same day-to-day tourist activities that most people do while on vacation in North Cyprus, it is usually always a good idea to venture outside of that circle and see what the country has to offer. North Cyprus is full of adventure around every corner, and with a little planning and an eye for fun off the main road, you are sure to have a vacation to remember.

For starters, if you happen to be in town in July or August, you may go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure by visiting the Cypriot beaches. Nearly 600 young turtles hatch here each year during this time, and biologists from Exeter University study them. Simply inquire whether you are able to view the genuine beauty and splendor of newly hatched turtles. This is one you will never forget.

Why not take a long or short hike up Kyrenia Mountain to experience the natural beauty and get a firsthand sense of it? Along the route, you will be able to breathe in the pure mountain air and see spectacular sights. If you are staying in a touristic place like Kyrenia, consider hiring a car for the day and exploring the rest of the region. Get a map and start exploring new places and magnificent natural settings that will fill every kilometer of your journey.


Make memories that will last

Whatever you choose to do or see during your trip to North Cyprus, you will undoubtedly make meaningful and life-long memories that you will treasure for years to come. Whether you are here for a few days or a few weeks, you will have a fantastic time, and you could even start planning your next trip before the current one is done. When it comes to a holiday in North Cyprus, one thing is certain: it is never a terrible idea. Come see for yourself what North Cyprus has to offer.

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