Beach Lovers Paradise


Magnificent beaches of North Cyprus

How magnificent are the beaches in North Cyprus? North Cyprus beaches are fantastic, and if you are spending your vacation in this area, you should surely visit them. There are several beaches to visit, and renting a car is the best way to see them all. Thousands of people visit the beaches of North Cyprus each year, and if you want to discover a beach that is not crowded with visitors, you will need a...

north cyprus - the mediterranean paradise with a blend of civilizations

North Cyprus – the Mediterranean’s paradise with a blend of civilizations

How would you want to explore the Mediterranean's paradise? Cyprus is the Mediterranean's third biggest island, with a strategic location and unspoiled beauty. Cyprus has long been on politicians' agendas due to Cyprus politics; it also draws archeologists because of its ancient sites, as well as biologists, researchers, and international visitors due to its lush greenery. The name "Cyprus" has no...

İskele Long Beach area of North Cyprus

This location has a distinct Miami breeze. The vivid blue of the Mediterranean Sea, its pristine beach, palm trees surrounding the road, and the İskele Long Beach projects lined up to the opposite lane. İskele Long Beach area as popular holiday destination Long Beach is the most popular attraction in İskele, a fast-growing suburb in North Cyprus that was built from the ground up. İskele is the place...

beach lovers paradise

Why is North Cyprus called the Beach Lovers Paradise?

Why is North Cyprus called the Beach Lovers Paradise? Cyprus’ coastline is highly diverse, with pebble beaches, towering cliffs, and long stretches of sand all leading to the world’s most magnificent Mediterranean Sea. Beach lovers are fortunate with the numerous alternatives on both sides of the island, each offering a unique experience. There are several locations right outside of Kyrenia, as well...

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