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How diverse is the island of Cyprus?

Between the island of South and North Cyprus The island is home to two countries; the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). A buffer zone, known as the Green Line, was established between the two countries by the United Nations. Both republics are politically stable and have low crime rates. Both the northern and southern parts of the country welcome foreigners and have...


Discover the splendor of North Cyprus

Discover the splendor of North Cyprus As a splendor country, North Cyprus is typically overlooked in favor of its southern counterpart, but you are missing out on stunning scenery and a rich and varied history. Wild donkeys wander the mountainous terrain, while vibrant coastal towns provide waterfront cuisine and rich landscapes are dotted with old castles and cities. That, among other things, indicates...

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Unique characteristics of North Cyprus

What are the unique characteristics of North Cyprus? North Cyprus has a population of about 500,000 people and is located on the northern and eastern sides of Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus covers 3,355 square kilometers (about one-third of the island), stretching from the Karpas Peninsula in the northeast to the tip of Cape Kormakitis and the Kokkina enclave in the west, and the Cape Greco...

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Historic cities of North Cyprus

What you need to know about the historic cities of North Cyprus North Cyprus’ capital is Lefkosa (Nicosia), which has a population of over 35,000 people and is home to North Cyprus's main administrative and commercial centers. Other notable towns include Gazimagusa (Famagusta), which is a thriving tourist, industrial, and economic center as well as the country's main port, Girne (Kyrenia), a touristic...


Some fun facts about North Cyprus

What are the fun facts about North Cyprus? It is easy to focus on the important things when deciding where to go on vacation; the beach, the sun, and good food and drink, but because holidays to North Cyprus check all of those boxes, there are more specific facts to help you get to know this fantastic place a little better.   Some of the facts are random, while some are well-known, and...

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What is fascinating about North Cyprus?

Fascinating about North Cyprus? Between the years 7000 and 6500 BC, the early people of North Cyprus are believed to have migrated to the island from the territories that are today known as Anatolia, Syria, and Palestine. On clear days, the mountains of several nations can be seen from the island. The rich copper mines that were originally utilised in the Bronze period gave Cyprus its name. It is...


Fascinating facts about İskele Long Beach and other holiday resorts in North Cyprus

Some fascinating facts about İskele Long Beach and other holiday resorts in North Cyprus The Long Beach Resort, with its magnificent villas and bungalows built along a wonderful golden sandy beach, is ideal for beachgoers. This is one of the few beach hotels in North Cyprus where you can sleep with the beach right outside your door at a reasonable price. Combining the best of beach and hotel The...

how does the north cyprus banking and financial services sector operate?

How does the North Cyprus banking and financial services sector operate?

North Cyprus banking and financial sector... North Cyprus's banking services have flourished, and the country's banking problem is no longer apparent. In general, each bank's deposit space differs from that of other banks, so you should select a bank that fits your needs. Loans from private banks may be extremely beneficial in launching a business for financial growth, just as they can be quite helpful...

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What are the important facts to know about Cyprus?

What are the important facts to know about Cyprus? Since ancient times, Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean sea known for its mineral richness, superb wines, and natural beauty. Tall mountains, rich valleys, and vast beaches characterize Cyprus. Cyprus, which has been inhabited for over ten millennia, is located at a cultural, linguistic, and historical crossroads between Europe and...

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