Common holiday activities in North Cyprus?


What are the common holiday activities in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus holiday activities provide a plethora of options for active people. North Cyprus offers couples and families land-based, water-based, and cultural activities vacations. Walking, mountain biking, and Jeep safaris, as well as cultural and artisan eco-village days, are all possible thanks to the vast, unspoiled stretches of open nature and countryside, as well as alpine topography and historic ruined monuments. Many activity holiday companies provide paragliding in the Besparmak (Five Finger) mountains, which rise to over 1,000 meters. And that is just what is on the ground. There are boat tours around the gorgeous Cyprus coastline, as well as kite surfing, kayaking, and diving to explore the intriguing Mediterranean shoreline, both above and below water, close to Kyrenia, which includes historic shipwrecks and other antiquities.


If you have never gone on a Jeep safari before, you might be amazed at how much fun a day in the Jeep can be. Off-road driving on lesser-known North Cyprus roads, stopping for mountain walks, picnic lunches, and visits to deserted villages, as well as admiring the breath-taking views from the Five Finger mountaintops and visiting ancient castles such as Kantara Castle, can all be enjoyed in the company of other holidaymakers. Many of the North Cyprus Mountain Biking Tours use Jeeps as well. Because of the hotter Cyprus temperatures from June to September, the optimum months for mountain riding are October to May. Jeep support for biking trips include refreshments, lifts as needed, and personal item carrying. Jeeps can also assist with guided mountain hikes. Keen hikers may explore the Kyrenia coastline’s foothills and mountain environment, discovering communities, ancient monuments, and breath-taking panoramic views. Because North Cyprus has such a diverse natural history, there are specialized businesses that provide spring vacations for walkers interested in bird-watching, orchid, and rare spring flower tours.


In the north of this magnificent Mediterranean island, traditional living is still very much alive. Bread baked in clay ovens, cheese prepared from local goat/sheep milk, olive oil (and olive oil soap) production, and a traditional syrup made from indigenous carob tree pods called “Pekmez” were all part of the daily meal in the past. Wood carving and basket weaving were among the native skills. Various companies offer “Village Days,” which include excursions to communities where these traditional crafts and culinary pleasures are still being produced. Most tours include a meal at a local restaurant, and some adventurous companies also offer traditional cooking classes. Various settlements in North Cyprus have attained the title of “eco-village” for their efforts to promote such activities. Buyukkonuk, on the Karpaz Peninsula, has an annual Eco-Festival, which includes a farmers’ market, artisan booths, traditional music and dance performances, and plenty of food. Holidaymakers wishing to arrange their own independent stay in an Eco-village will discover an increasing number of traditional B & Bs offering traditional lodging and nutritious breakfasts produced with locally sourced ingredients. These are frequently seen in the government-protected Karpaz Peninsula, which is relatively unspoilt.

The coastline of North Cyprus offers practically limitless opportunities for water-based activities while on vacation, with west-facing winds excellent for kitesurfing. New kite surf schools have opened, one of which is located at the well-known West Coast Bay residences, and a variety of companies provide Kayaking, Sailing, and other water activities. A journey to the well-known Kyrenia dock will reveal a variety of boat excursion companies specializing in cruises around Cyprus’ north coast, which frequently include lunch and stop-offs for swimming.


North Cyprus is well-known as a diving destination, and many visitors travel to the island just to explore the seabed, which is home to historic artifacts and vibrant aquatic life. During the summer, nature enthusiasts can join turtle-watching teams on the beaches of North Cyprus for night vigils to safeguard the survival of freshly born baby turtles – a popular activity among teens and young people.

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