The clear blue waters of the warm Mediterranean Sea are almost irresistible in the northern part of the island. Water activities (windsurfing, water skiing, mono-skiing, jet skiing, motor boating, canoeing, sailing, and scuba diving, among others) are also available to take advantage of this wonderful aquatic playground. The beaches between Boğaz and Famagusta known as “Altin Kumsal” are located on the eastern shore between Boğaz and Famagusta (Golden Beach). The sandy beaches cover a total distance of 24 kilometers. A variety of sandy beaches on the northern shore, on either side of Girne, are a sanctuary for all forms of water activities. A 32-kilometer stretch of isolated bays separates these activities.


Golfing and outdoor sporting activities

The northern part of the island provides a variety of golf courses that will challenge both experienced and inexperienced golfers. These are ideal golfing conditions all year round, with temperate temperatures and pleasant sea breezes. Paintball has grown in popularity to become one of the most exciting outdoor participation sports in the world, with a stronghold in North Cyprus. Men and women of different ages, races, and lifestyles participate in paintball. Paintball can bring back memories of childhood games like “Tag” and “Hide and Seek,” but with added complications. There are numerous ways to participate in this fun sport. The closest venue is only 500 meters away from the famous Cyprus International University (CIU).

The picturesque Kyrenia mountain range, which runs along North Cyprus’ coast, provides an excellent option for paragliding. You can fly like an eagle down to the shore in the northern part of the island by taking off at 2500 feet from a launch spot over the gorgeous St.Hilarion castle. Paragliding is the way paragliding was designed to be: thrilling and inexpensive.

Scuba diving is a sport that involves diving underwater. In the pristine seas off the coast of North Cyprus, there are several opportunities to learn, improve, and practice scuba diving. For nine months of the year, the Mediterranean waters provide great diving conditions.

Electricity voltage and appliances

North Cyprus uses a three-pin 13-amp socket system (based on the UK system), which necessitates the usage of adapters for electrical equipment from other islands. These are widely available in supermarkets. The system operates at 50 Hz and 220/240 volts A/C. Electrical appliances (irons, kettles, toasters, and so on) are fairly priced and can be found in most supermarkets, with three-pin sockets.