What are the steps to buying the right North Cyprus property?


Steps to buying the right property in North Cyprus

You may have made the decision to buy a property in North Cyprus. You have either visited or researched about the country and you are confident that it is the best fit for you. Now it ıs up to you to find the ideal North Cyprus home, whether it is an apartment or a villa. The process of purchasing a property in North Cyprus is not as complex as it appears; in fact, it is straightforward and straightforward. Foreigners have the freedom to purchase any property in North Cyprus they wish, with no restrictions on whether they buy land, a villa, an apartment, a commercial property, or an investment property.


Do you plan a North Cyprus inspection trip – or a self-guided vacation? Do you go on your own or with an estate agent to look at villas or apartments? Here are four steps to help you get closer to your ultimate goal of purchasing the ideal property in North Cyprus.

1 – Educate yourself on buying in North Cyprus during the pre-trip time…

Many people looking for property in North Cyprus spend hours at home every night before they travel, sifting through images, floor plans, site plans, and other details. They are adamant that they will choose their home before they arrive, and then just come and buy what they have viewed on the internet. While this may be entertaining as a pre-travel activity, most property experts recommend that there are better ways to spend your time in the lead-up to your vacation.

You may have a good idea of what you desire. But do you really know what you are looking for?

The truth is that unless you are on the island and thoroughly briefed, you won’t know what kind of North Cyprus property is perfect for you or what you really need.

Consider the following scenario: …you fantasize about owning a seaside villa with a private pool.

Swimming is something you enjoy doing. You have got a cocktail in your hand, your feet up, and you are enjoying the sunset over the sea while swimming in your own pool. That image has become imprinted on your mind. You have, however, missed one point: …you will only utilize that pool for around 4 weeks every year. Will you keep it stocked with water? Will you be willing to pay a pool cleaning firm £50 or more per month to keep it clean while you are away?

Do you wish to spend the first few days of your vacation leaf-picking? Worse, perhaps you have an image of yourself sitting alongside or in the pool in North Cyprus throughout the winter months — when it is chilly in the UK, for example (unless you have a heated pool, it is considerably too cold to swim in an outside unheated pool in the winter, even in North Cyprus, which you were unaware of).

In both circumstances, while “on the island,”, you learn that a different product would be preferable. In the first situation, occasional pool users would be better off buying a North Cyprus house on a shared pool site, at least in terms of cost.

Instead of wasting your time at home trying to find the perfect house, use it to learn more about buying in North Cyprus. The İskele Long Beach Guide from the Noyanlar Group of Companies should be very useful. For instance, learn about the taxes involved. Determine how you feel about North Cyprus title deeds and whether you would want to buy off the plan or in a ready-to-move-in condition.

Also, consider whether you are a cash buyer or whether you will require a property with a short-term or long-term mortgage or payment plan. Then you will be well-informed and in a lot better position to make an informed decision.

People have a habit of focusing their attention on one home only to find out that it has been sold before they travel. Why are you putting yourself through all of this? Instead, focus on the positive: new North Cyprus villas and apartments – or exceptional offers – may become available just in time for your trip!

2 – Determine why you are purchasing property in North Cyprus – are you an investment, a lifestyle buyer, or a combination of the two?

Consider this carefully before visiting North Cyprus, as the island of Aphrodite has a way of tugging at your heartstrings once you have set foot on her soil! Property buyers are considered across these three categories:

• those who are “pure” North Cyprus property investors who are buying as a substitute for putting money in the bank.

• those who are acquiring North Cyprus property for “lifestyle purposes” (holiday, retirement, or relocation)

• those who are purchasing North Cyprus property for both investment and lifestyle purposes.

Many property buyers in North Cyprus believe they are pure investors, for example. This is stated right at the beginning of the property consultation. They go to Kyrenia to look at investment apartments. Two days later, their initial vision of money from property rental lettings streaming into their bank account has transformed into a new vision of themselves taking frequent vacations to North Cyprus in their own private paradise that they have no wish to share! They have gone head over heels for North Cyprus. It can happen, so be prepared.

Once you have arrived in North Cyprus, it is fine to shift your property preferences. Many people live contentedly in North Cyprus after visiting for a week 10 years ago and never leaving. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended not to make a decision about your home before your property inspection trip. On the other side, if you are someone who knows they have to let their mind control their heart, be cautious. North Cyprus is easy to fall in love with.

However, if you know that investing is your top priority, concentrate on it. During your visit, Sales representatives in the Noyanlar Group of Companies can help you keep focused on your property priorities.

3 – Get a pre-trip North Cyprus property consultation online or over the phone…

You have completed your background research. You are the one who knows what questions to ask! You have a better understanding of why you want to buy.

You can meet with a Sales representative once you are in North Cyprus, but it is a good idea to start with a pre-trip online or telephone Noyanalar Construction property consultation before you depart. Experts like those on the Noyanlar Construction team have years of expertise helping North Cyprus property seekers in the pre-trip time on how to narrow down their options.

You will be asked a few questions and assisted in creating an initial pre-trip shortlist over the phone or online, with the goal of demonstrating that there are enough eligible properties for you to visit in person. Keep in mind that your shortlist may alter once you get on the island and complete your in-person property consultation.

This stage can also be very beneficial in terms of obtaining the information you need to arrange your trip, such as flight, visa, and car rental information. You can discuss whether or not you want to arrange a free three-night inspection tour stay with the Sales representative. Finally, spend the time leading up to your trip to put out your own personal reasons for buying (see STEP 2).

When you arrive on the wonderful island of North Cyprus, your heart may control your mind; it is a good idea to write down why you are buying in the first place to keep your feet on the ground. Above all, keep an open mind and wait to meet with competent property consultants in North Cyprus during your trip, such as those from Noyanlar Group.


4 – Visit and view properties in North Cyprus with professional advisors

Visitors have been known to be hesitant to seek professional assistance at first, for the sensible reason that they do not want to be “sold to.” Instead of going on an organized property viewing trip, they wish to spend an autonomous holiday in North Cyprus and view properties on their own time. But, all too frequently, this ends in a wasted journey, aggravation, tiredness, and the loss of all their vacation time – forcing them to return on expensive flights time again when they might have gotten the correct property the first time!

Whether you arrange an organized property inspection trip or just a day of property viewing, on your first day, exactly like in the TV show “Place in the Sun,” you should sit down with a property professional and go over a series of questions with them so they can create the best viewing list for you.

Questions such as these should be included in the evaluation:

• Your way of life: if you are making a “lifestyle” buy, what do you actually want to do every day? Do you play golf? Do you enjoy going shopping? How crucial is it for you to go to the beach? How many people are going to use it?

• Your payment requirements: Do you require a mortgage or are you a cash buyer? What is your maximum safe deposit amount? How quickly do you want to pay off the mortgage? This aids in determining which homes, out of hundreds, will best suit your financial requirements.

• Your investment goals: do you want to earn money from your investment as a rental? Is this a must-have or a nice-to-have? Are you a professional investor looking for a high rate of return? Is there a timeline for reselling it?

Experts like those at Noyanlar Construction can help you avoid the drawbacks of North Cyprus real estate and focus on the positive: finding out what really fits your lifestyle, budget, payment plan, and investment needs, and most importantly, finding what “feels” right. Noyanlar Construction offers a variety of homes with one-of-a-kind rates, payment plans, or bundles that are not accessible anywhere else.

Following this initial consultation, you should have created a viewing shortlist and scheduled one or two home viewing days, which should always involve a visit to one of the North Cyprus Lawyers on an approved list. It is usually simple to narrow down a selection to the best 1 or 2 when you’ve seen them all. You might want to come back the next day for a second look. Perhaps meet with the corporate engineer or a developer who has a newer property to talk about customizing the interior of your new home, etc.

People are frequently astounded by how precise such professionals’ recommendations are. You should never be pushed or made to feel uneasy — if you do, you’re in the wrong place. Using specialists means you don’t make costly blunders like signing contracts before they have been fully reviewed by a lawyer or purchasing homes that declare “VAT paid” but require you to pay it again.

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