Available options for traveling to North Cyprus

traveling to north cyprus

What are the options for traveling to North Cyprus?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind while considering a vacation to North Cyprus is, “How do I travel to North Cyprus?” In addition to the most prevalent mode of transportation, flying, cruise lines are increasingly becoming an acceptable and popular mode of travel to North Cyprus. Traveling to North Cyprus via ferry or sea bus, on the other hand, is significantly less expensive than flying. So, what is the best way to go to North Cyprus via boat?

traveling to north cyprus

As earlier indicated, the majority of travels to North Cyprus are undertaken by scheduled flights operated by a variety of airlines. These flights usually include a transfer in Turkey and can be booked for a reasonable price. Mersin Taşucu Ferry Port in southern Turkey might potentially provide an alternate mode of transit to North Cyprus at various times throughout the week. You can book these excursions ahead of time, just like you can with airlines.

Depending on how early you book a ticket to North Cyprus, you can also take advantage of special deals and discounts. Remember that, much like flying, you will need an identity card or passport if you are going by boat. Depending on the route you choose, your voyage will begin at Taşucu Port and terminate at either Famagusta or Kyrenia port within North Cyprus’s boundaries. Traveling to North Cyprus by car would not only be more expensive but will also need additional preparatory steps owing to various processes and licenses.

traveling to north cyprus

Traveling within North Cyprus and car rental

After you have decided on your mode of transportation to North Cyprus, you will find a variety of options starting at the airport, all of which provide a comfortable travel experience within the country. Whether you have arrived at the airport or the ports, you can get private cabs and plane services to all places.

traveling to north cyprus

Many tourists and residents in North Cyprus like to travel by car, so this is an alternative worth considering. A traveler arriving in North Cyprus via Kyrenia port, for example, can drive from Kyrenia to Nicosia in around 25 minutes (almost 23 kilometers). It is worth noting that, like in England, traffic flows from the left, and cars’ steering wheels are on the right side.

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