Attractions in Girne

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Attractions in Girne

Girne/Kyrenia is a beach city in North Cyprus that is undoubtedly at the center of the tourism sector. Tourism brochures frequently use photos of the city’s harbor and castle. There are a number of excellent hotels both inside and beyond the city boundaries, giving the city and its environs an excellent base for exploring the remainder of the island region.

attractions in girne

Kyrenia Castle is a beautiful Venetian castle from the 16th century.

A Venetian fortress from the 16th century stands about east of Kyrenia Harbour. The outside defences of Kyrenia Castle (Turkish: Girne Kalesi) are in excellent condition, and appear to have been built relatively recently. You are free to roam pretty much wherever you want at most of the attractions featured on this website. A stroll along the city’s external walls is enjoyable and provides excellent views of the harbor and city center below. Don’t miss the Shipwreck Museum, which houses the remnants of a 4th-century Greek trade ship and its cargo. When you’ve had your fill of exploration, there’s a cute tiny café inside the courtyard that sells modest sandwiches, mezze, and Turkish tea.

Bellapais Monastery Ruins: A Monastery from the Thirteenth Century

In the town of Bellapais, about 5 kilometers southeast of Kyrenia, you may visit the remnants of a 13th-century monastery. The location, which is nestled between mountains and the shore, is just stunning, with palm palms placed amid the ruins. The site’s elevation of 220 meters above sea level provides spectacular views of the local area as well as out across the sea to Turkey.

Make sure to take a comprehensive look around the monastery, especially the rooftop. On the premises, there is also a museum and a cafe.

attraction in girne

Saint Hilarion Castle in the Mountains is a dramatic 11th century castle.

It’s simple to see why photos of Saint Hilarion Castle are frequently used in North Cyprus propaganda. The castle remains concealed as you weave your way up the mountain pass. The castle is only revealed as you approach the car park, almost impossible integrated into the slope of the mountain in the most spectacular way.

Visiting Saint Hilarion is a must-do activity. Despite the Venetians’ best attempts, most of the castle has survived, and it is a really magnificent site to witness from every perspective. The views over the Mediterranean shoreline, Girne/Kyrenia, and beyond are also breathtaking, given to its mountainous perch.

Güzelyurt’s Attractions in the West

The western part of North Cyprus has a distinct vibe from the rest of the country. Because there are fewer foreigners heading this way, you may discover that the natives are considerably more interested in your presence. But don’t worry, Cypriots are lovely people who will always welcome you.


Güzelyurt’s Agios Mamas Church is a well-preserved Orthodox church.

The inside of Agios Mamas Church in Güzelyurt shimmers in magnificent detail, thanks to an enormous chandelier. Locals have ensured that the church is kept for tourists to enjoy, despite the fact that it is no longer in regular use.

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