Are you ready for a trip to North Cyprus?

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Prepare for your trip to North Cyprus!

Real estate investment is the form of investment that offers the highest return today. North Cyprus tourism has an influential role in the real estate market, which is one of the first choices of those considering investing. North Cyprus is a pioneer in the real estate business for several reasons. One of these reasons is that it generates rewards for investors over the short, medium, and long periods. Real estate investment, which generates a high rate of return and never loses value under any conditions, is gaining in importance every day because it never loses value.

As a result, investors who seek to supplement their income by investing in real estate pay close attention to North Cyprus. Although ıt offers a unique financial opportunity, most people ask: is it really worth investing in North Cyprus real estate? So, why should you consider relocating to North Cyprus? Here are some of the benefits of living in North Cyprus.

Why North Cyprus?

North Cyprus is an island nation with a diverse range of possibilities in terms of location, vacation resorts, and real estate. North Cyprus is an island country with little traffic congestion issues in major cities. It could also be due to pollution or a hectic lifestyle. North Cyprus is an island nation with numerous investment opportunities.

North Cyprus houses are preferred by those who desire to live close to nature and near the sea. Investing in a home in North Cyprus allows you to get the benefits of living there. Furthermore, the neighborhood in which your home is located, as well as the benefits it provides, are among the variables that contribute to its increased worth in the investment industry. As a result, it is recommended that you buy in a central, scenic area with a friendly neighborhood.

north cyprus

The most ideal for vacations and daily life

It is only a phone call away to be a part of this life, with its gorgeous beaches and different historical and touristic destinations to discover and visit! Most construction companies such as Noyanlar Construction currently offer you the possibility to become a homeowner by investing in the real estate market, thanks to its unique opportunities and hundreds of North Cyprus real estate options.

Cyprus is the third island in the Mediterranean region after Sicily and Sardinia, and is known for its pristine beaches, nightlife, entertainment venues, historical sites, and good living conditions. Cyprus enjoys 300 days of sunshine each year. Although the winter months are not particularly cold, they are warm and rainy. As a result, North Cyprus is one of the best countries for a vacation or even to reside in. You might also be interested in Why North Cyprus is worth a visit?

The island’s most livable regions

You can also buy a vacation home in Cyprus because the island is a must-visit destination for tourists, you can rent the home you will be purchasing as well. With a variety of real estate investment choices, several sites are essential for the North Cyprus real estate business. The following are some of these locations:

1. Gazimagusa

2. İskele Long Beach

You can visit the Noyanlar Construction head office at the İskele Long Beach area if you want to buy a home in one of these residential and holiday property zones, which are the most popular in the North Cyprus real estate market and offer a variety of real estate possibilities, or you can visit the “Projects” section on our website for additional information.

…an ideal destination for honeymoon

There are numerous reasons to spend your honeymoon in North Cyprus following your wedding day. In this piece, you will read about the reasons why newlyweds select the island for their honeymoon. North Cyprus is one of the most popular honeymoon and vacation destinations in the world. Because it is an island, the place is ideal for marine vacations. Honeymoons are not only enjoyable but also relaxing. All of this is available if you stay either at the Noyanlar Holidays or Sea Life Hotel in the İskele area.

There are numerous activities with which you can have fun even if you do not go out of the İskele Long Beach area. Treatments and therapies in spa centers might also help you relax.

Recreational facilities are available to help you enjoy your stay. At the Noyanlar Holidays, there are a host of fun and entertainment events and activities you can participate in. North Cyprus, regardless of whether it is summer or winter, would be the finest spot for a dream honeymoon holiday because this region is always exciting and gorgeous. The holiday properties in the neighborhood are open and operating every month of the year.

north cyprus

A happy honeymoon

You can participate in a variety of entertainment activities if you wish to have a great honeymoon. Swimming, city excursions, and having a good time in bars are just a few of the things available in North Cyprus. You can attend concerts by well-known artists and take part in fun local festivals.

Debris-free beaches

The island has a lot of nice beaches. Furthermore, if you want to spend some of your honeymoon swimming, do not limit yourself to the pool around your rented accommodation or hotel. The world-famous beaches of North Cyprus should undoubtedly be visited.

İskele Long Beach is one of the island’s greatest beaches. The beach is located a few kilometers away from Famagusta on the way to the Karpaz peninsula. If you meet a Cypriot, Glapsides Beach or Famagusta Palm Beach may be among the first beaches to be recommended for you. These beaches are particularly appealing to tourists and students. They are among the region’s most cheap beaches. These beaches would suit your needs if you enjoy water activities.

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long beach area

Because these beaches are not in a very central position, they are quiet and serene. Hotels and other holiday property rentals in Cyprus are open all year with the same level of service. This is the most prominent feature of Cyprus island. However, due to weather conditions, certain services merely fluctuate from month to month. In North Cyprus, there are many different types of accommodations to choose from. The island offers a variety of lodging alternatives, including hotels, tourist villages, and home rentals. As a result, there are budget-friendly solutions in North Cyprus.

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