April 17, 2022 Long Beach Run

The arrival of summer is greeted with a colorful event in a festive mood at İskele Long Beach. On Sunday, April 17, there will be a public run to be held at İskele Long Beach alongside other entertainment activities that will attract the attention of all ages. The event is tagged as “Long Beach Run.”



Noyanlar Group of Companies is launching another social responsibility project with the ‘Long Beach Run’ event.

On Sunday, April 17th, fun activities are organized in İskele Long Beach that will attract the attention of all segments of society, large and small.

İskele Municipality, Larnaca Youth Association, Velo Speed ​​Sports Association, and TRNC Athletics Federation also sponsor the event, which is sponsored by Noyanlar Group of Companies.

The event, which will start with the Public Run on Sunday, April 17 at 08:00, in which all age groups can participate, will continue with various entertainment activities from 10:00.

In addition to the Public Run, the event, organized with the slogan ‘Run and have fun’, includes playgrounds for all age categories, DJ performance, clowns, marching band, mascots, animation team, various events, competitions, face painting, and food and beverage stands.

The event, which will celebrate the arrival of summer, is expected to take place in a festive mood.


Source : northcyprusuk

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